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  1. With "Tactics panel is expanded" you mean with extended Pitch like in my gif or the screenshots from Tiger666 or with expanded table (Closed Pitch)? Thanks for looking at it.
  2. Thanks for the quick response. It's not about "not appearing" its about a huge amount of padding the last column get all the time the screen is re-entered after the continue process. Strange that you guys cant reproduce the issue and i can reproduce it since years in less then a minute on every FM Hope you can catch it, if you need more infos let me know.
  3. New year new attempt. Please fix this bug or atleast give us a response.
  4. Unfortunately, no. And the topic seems to be ignored by the mods, too. The thread still has the flag "need more info"...I even made an animation almost a month ago. It's a real pity that no official comment is made on the subject.
  5. I don't think it's too much to expect such a bug to be fixed after several years. I don't give up, the bug just annoys me.
  6. Unfortunately the problem exists even after the latest patch. slowly I am really angry / disappointed. This bug has been known for years and has been reported to SI from time to time. In the beta forum it was still said that the problem is being worked on! And today there is neither a solution nor any feedback from the admins. I would like feedback if the error could be traced and if it will be fixed in FM2020.
  7. For this reason I had referred to the thread in the beta forum, there the problem was described in detail. You even reacted there and said that you recognized the problem and were working on a solution. But since the problem still exists I would be happy about an update. Here again directly visible what the problem is and when it occurs. (Cleared cache, no custom skin) Would be glad about a feedback, thanks!
  8. Hi, this issue, which exists since ~FM17 and was again reported during the beta still exists in the final version of FM2020. Please fix this god damn bug. Look here for details https://community.sigames.com/topic/496563-custom-views/ Removing the joint condition/sharpness column and add them separately doesnt help. €dit: Even without the condition/sharpness columns at all this happends. Easy to reproduce: Add a new column all looks fine, click on continue go back to tactics and the last column is messed up. Then you can fix it and repeat and every time the column is broken again.
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