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  1. I have use on various tactics from different forums, but there are no tactic that make satisfied result on semi-pro team (conference north/south for me). anyone here play on semi-pro club? what tactics that you use? please suggest me.
  2. What's about support for patch 11.2 ?
  3. Do you know how to solved this problem ? Is this a rare case or normal case ?
  4. I think it's in transfer window. I play in England Leages and it's on july in game time. My loaned player are gray out on his name and on the team who loan my player has 'INE' in front of his name. There are no contract of loan on transfer tab anymore. It's has only contract that show that player are on my team (but he is still on another team that load him)
  5. My Loaned player not come back when loan is expire. Is anyone face this problem ?
  6. I play Basingstoke start on Blue Square North/South. for now I promote to Blue Square Premier. but I have a problem about attendance. My Stadium have maximum capacity 6000 (600 seat). but my average attendance is 1300. How to increase attendance, I need more attendance to make my finance status better.
  7. Can anyone tell me? How to access ActivePlayer Object? I don't have a clue. using System; using System.Collections.Generic; using System.Linq; using System.Text; using Young3.FMSearch.Interface; using Young3.FMSearch.Core.Entities.InGame; using Young3.FMSearch.Utils; namespace FM_Role_Analyzer { class Data { private FMContext fm_data_content; public Data() { this.fm_data_content = new FMContext(DatabaseModeEnum.Realtime); this.fm_data_content.LoadData(); } public String get_fname() { this.fm_data_content.Players. // How to access Current Player Object return fm_data_content. // How to access Current Player Object } } }
  8. 1st is Cleary Recruitment 2nd is Club and Player Knowledge ? 3rd is Tactical Knowledge ?
  9. How to make coach's attribute development? What is it depending on?
  10. Tactical Knowledge - Give Precise advice on match feedback. Determination - Team Talk ?? Man Management - Player personality,Team Talk? Motivating - Team Talk. is it correct? another question. Are all of assistant advice in match feedback always correct?
  11. If coach have more stars that mean player can increase their attribute faster. right? sorry for my English.
  12. My assistant manager say that my team misplacing many pass. and comment on my DL that he misplacing many passes too. and what about "crucial interception". sorry for my English.