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  1. i have found that there are way too many goals scored from corners, pretty sure i score from at leaste one every game.
  2. yes i have verified the game cache and didnt make a difference....
  3. the application for football maager 2012 v 12.0.1f225816 quit unexpectedly
  4. downloaded the demo on steam and press play...and then i get a error and game dont work ( on mac btw)
  5. olusinho

    Hating 11.3 patch

    i found this patch easier. i went on to win 1st season with barca undefeated 33 won 5 draws. 2nd season. 36 won 1 draw 1 loss... scoring 110 goals conceding 15. the draw coming in 1st game of season and the loss about 34th game.so i wont likw 33 games in row that season.which is very unrealistic. but weirdly enough i struggled in europe both seasons. i did have alot of issues with injuries.messi,xavi,iniesta in 1st season out twice with 3 month injuries and similar again in 2nd. but luckily never at the same time. sort of overlapping, i ogets injured recoveres few games later next player injured for 3 months etc.
  6. thanks for that. tried it as it works. will i have to do the same on the full version?
  7. i have had the exact same problem.very fustrating
  8. when are they normaly announced? unless they have already have and i missed it?
  9. olusinho

    The Socceroos Thread...

    i think its silly playing usa and new zealand, both are rivalries, and could see some injuries coming from both games
  10. olusinho

    transfer embargo

    bump bump bump
  11. olusinho

    transfer embargo

    is there a way, so every team in the world has a transfer embargo? would be good to play a game with only homegrown players allowed at each club...
  12. olusinho

    Domestic Player Bias

    hmmm jaap stam, seedorf, and van derr sar are 20?
  13. my arsenal team after 26 games let in 8 goals.. couldnt stop winning... then suddenly let in 14 goals in 5 games and cant win...havent changed the team really , what should i do?
  14. would me nice to get a report during game from your physio on injured players with a +. for example... player gets injured but can still play, and physio tells me pulled his hamstring, but can keep playing ,but may increase further injury....etc...
  15. olusinho

    The "Looking for... ..." Thread

    haha maybe slighly better than him tooo haha