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  1. i have found that there are way too many goals scored from corners, pretty sure i score from at leaste one every game.
  2. yes i have verified the game cache and didnt make a difference....
  3. the application for football maager 2012 v 12.0.1f225816 quit unexpectedly
  4. downloaded the demo on steam and press play...and then i get a error and game dont work ( on mac btw)
  5. thanks for that. tried it as it works. will i have to do the same on the full version?
  6. would me nice to get a report during game from your physio on injured players with a +. for example... player gets injured but can still play, and physio tells me pulled his hamstring, but can keep playing ,but may increase further injury....etc...
  7. just got my best ever regen. 2nd season with lech poznan,
  8. will this work for macbook?
  9. hey, i played a season with fiorentina, i was using 4-4-2 and won my last 10 games in row and got 3rd, but now in preseason, same formation it isnt doing so well, and i barley beat my under 20's 1-0. is it better to change formation after every season? or is the team not playing well because i made about 8 new signings ( all squad players ,none in my 1st starting 11) also, do different tactics work in italy then they would in england? as if have noticed many 3-5-2,4-2-3-1. etc
  10. what do u think of the idea....lets say your sacked or you quit from ur last team.....and u get offered to take over club till end of season or 3-4 games till club get new mamnager...and lets say u win all the games u get the job? pretty much being a caretaker manager
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