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    [Belgium] (Official) Data Issues

    -Achraf achaoui was no longer at standard liège, He's at Roda JC https://www.transfermarkt.fr/achraf-achaoui/profil/spieler/265568. -Christian Luyindama was 1.91m tall for 91kg ( http://standard.be/fr/joueurs/christian-luyindama ) and i think he deserve better statistic , he's a beast and one of the revelation of the season for the moment. -Standard transfer Patoulidis Brother's from Anderlecht , there are constantinos , but not the most talented of the two , Evangelios ( http://www.dailymail.co.uk/sport/football/article-3027346/Manchester-City-talks-Anderlecht-sign-14-year-old-star-Evangelos-Patoulidis.html ) He's a future star. -Orlando Sà (Standard) has scored 21 goals last season , he is one of the best striker in the belgian pro league , he deserves better stats. -Edmilson Jr (standard ) his a really fast player with an impressive accelaration but he have only 14 in the game , i think he deserve almost 16 in accelaration and 15 in speed. -Ryota Morioka of Waasland-beveren was the revelation of the belgian pro league with 7 goals and 6 assists in 13 games ( https://www.transfermarkt.de/ryota-morioka/profil/spieler/140310 ) He deserve better stats too. Zinho Gano make a top season debut with 7 goals in 12 matchs ( https://www.transfermarkt.fr/zinho-gano/profil/spieler/182446 ) , i think he can have also better stats.
  2. jfrscl

    [French] issues in French Translation

    Hi , the group dynamic menu was no translate in french.
  3. jfrscl

    Problem with Update

    It's ok now. Thanks .
  4. jfrscl

    Problem with Update

    Hi Neill , i've tried this and to reinstall the game and it's doesn't work.
  5. jfrscl

    Problem with Update

    Hi , my game still says 15.2.1 I've followed the steps on the thread but the game hasn't updated.