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  1. Hey guys so I started a new game through boredom and told the game to give me a random league and team. The result was somehwwat surprisingly.. Barcelona At. At the start the likes of Maxwell and Jeffren are in this team... Questions are: A) I assume I can't be promoted like in real life? Has anybody ever won the league and not been moved up? If so what happens on the game? Team below? B) When do I receive players from the Barcelona team? I notived I can move palyers from Barcelona U18's to Barcelona At... C) The wage being spent is £97,000 per week whilst the budget is £46K, Im not likely to go into adminstration surely if I keep it at the level it starts off at? Any other info I should know etc?
  2. Hey guys... so I'm playing as Leeds and am in the 3rd season. I have signed a Belgian DM/CM on a free transfer in around october? time. Couldn't register him then I thought fair enough, I'll register him in January. January has come and I've signed a second player. I placed them both in my starting XI and pressed to submit team, I cannot register the Belgian still but the other player there is no problems with the registration of? What's going on? Why can't he play despite it being a transfer window?!? Thanks folks
  3. FM11: West Ham United Thread

    Finished a second season at West Ham, a good one in my eyes with us getting 7th in the league and winning the League Cup! Beat Everton 1-0 in the final (Charlie Adam goal) after beating Chelsea 2-0 in the semi (Onuoha and Keane to thank) which means Europa League football next season! Pre-season before the third season was extremely busy for me... Out went: Upson, Keane, Hargreaves, Sessegnon (loan) Vass, Sears, Nouble, Papac, Carlos Alberto (absolute flop, paid 15M took 2.1M to get him out) Eyjolfsson, Stech, Barrera, Tomkins and Wotherspoon. Total of 12 players and £28M In came: Simone Pepe, Jose Manuel Jurado, Javi Garcia, Eduardo Salvio, Danijel Pranjic and Lucas Barrios for a total of £15.25M (got some real bargains, Barrios cost 10.25M of that amount himself) Basically trimmed the squad and got rid of reserves who won't play, will be looking like this next season: GK: Green/Boffin LB: Pranjic/Tiene/Illunga CB: Onuoha/Reid CB: Martins Indi/da Costa RB: Spence/Faubert DMC: Javi Garcia/Noble MC: Parker/Suso MC: Adam/Noble AML: Jurado/Barbosa AMR: Pepe/Salvio ST: Barrios/Ba/Guarch Spending 800K on wages which is less than last season whilst we have net made a profit of over £10M this summer. Very pleased with how things are going probably my most successful save on FM11 ever, only need top half again this season but Europa League again would be nice. I've got to 2/2 possible League Cup Finals so it'll be interesting to see how we do in that this season. Last season we were horrid in the FA Cup so really am hoping for an improvement there.
  4. FM11: West Ham United Thread

    Well, lost 2-0 to Chelsea in the League Cup final. To be fair we deserved it, Parker went off early which hardly helped us but we lost something like 20-3 on shots. Nobody really shone at all and a Drogba double killed us off, bit dissapointed as Europa League would have been brilliant. Still, got to try and achieve that next season, looking like a 14th - 8th place finish in the league at this stage, we should certainly be safe. Got Papac, Riordan and a young Dutch Right Bac coming in on frees for next season as well as Wetherspoon (SP) for £2.5M from Hibs.
  5. FM11: West Ham United Thread

    Wembleyyy, Wembleyyy beat Brighton and Hove Albion in the semi final of the League Cup 10-4 on aggregate, was bizarre. Won 3-2 at home then away in Brighton in the snow we were 4-0 up in 24 minutes, Carlton Cole hit a hat trick, Obinna hit a hat trick and there was an OG as well. Facing Chelsea who won 6-4 on aggregate vs Bolton :/ will be very hard...
  6. FM11: West Ham United Thread

    Cole's been poor for me too, 1 goal in 7 games (plus 9 starts) with a average rating of 6,64, Keane and Ba have done OK although Keane's goals have slowed down at the moment In 12th but have a big League Cup Semi Final day against... Brighton and Hove Albion!!! Winners of the semi final will face Bolton or Chelsea. Had a pretty nice route to the semi-final, Crystal Palace, Bristol Rovers, Ipswich and Hull. No premier league opposition really hopeful that we can get the win. Think if I can get between 15th and 9th I'll be pleased with the season. Going to get rid of numerous like Carlos Alberto my 15M signing-turned-flop, Carlton Cole, probably 1 or 2 more.
  7. FM11: West Ham United Thread

    Started as West Ham the other day Going quite well so far. In 8th place after 9 games with 15 points. Doing great in the League Cup with us into the Quarter Finals were we will beat Hull City, we had a scare in the last round being 1-0 down to Ipswich at half time but a Keane hat trick and a goal from Demba Ba saw a 4-1 victory. I think my best win to date was 1-0 against Man City in the league, defended for 86 minutes before Robbie Keane scored a late winner, Keane has been brilliant so far with 6 goals in 8 games.This game is being weirdly realistic in terms of injuries with so many players having been unavailable already; Hitzlsberger (SP) is of course a long-term abscense as is Collison, Tomkins is currently out for a few weeks, Parker has been injured as has Ba, Piquionne broke his leg early on in the season meaning he will be out for 5-6 months, will be lucky to see him again this season. The other major injury has been Wayne Bridge who broke his foot (how unlucky can I get?) he'll be missing for another 5-8 weeks (He was injured in late August, I am now in October) Transfer wise I brought in: Abubakari Yakubu - on a free due to his versatilty and the fact I thought he could be a good squad player given the fact he wouldn't cost me anything Dale Jennings - I'm a Tranmere fan and am buzzing off this player in real life, has good potential on here so I parted with 700K for him, using him in the U18 team this season with maybe a loan next season to help him progress. Matthew Connolly - Versatile defender from QPR, great stats and only 23 can see him being around for a long time, paid £2.5M for him Carlos Alberto - Paid £15M (some of which is in installments) for the MC/AMC from Vasco, hoped he'd had a great creative edge to the midfield but he has not been doing well so far which is a major dissapointment given the cash I spent.. averaging 6.57 in the league... Sold: Dyer - Not a fan and wanted him off the wage bill... got £1.6M for him from Sunderland Boa Morte - Again not a big fan and had a hefty wage, £1.2M from Catania was enough to say bye bye Luis. McCarthy - Joined Newcastle for £975K, had too many striker and didn't think he looked great on this, was happy seeing him leave. Spector - Contract is running out and his demand were ridicolous in my opinion, got £3M for him from Liverpool, think we had enough CM anyway. Loaned out several including Spence, Stoch, Eyjolfsson and Lee for experience. With the injury situation I've generally been lining up with an interesting 4-1-3-2 formation looking like this... GK: Green LB: illunga CB: Upson CB: da Silva RB: Faubert DMC: Parker CM: Noble CM: Carlos Alberto (Now find myself playing Stanislas due to poor performances from Alberto so far) CM: O'Neill ST: Ba ST: Keane However that teams rarely been played due to several injuries to those players, once fit Piquionne will probably be on the bench with Bridge probably returnig to his LB role. Tomkins has been on my bench as well before his injury in a cup game. Anyway so far so good, hopefully I can get to the semis and get a nice draw then possibly a Cup Final day out! In the league if I can stay around mid-table I'll be happy for this season, looking to focus on British players and beinging youth through but as Carlos Alberto proves I'll go for the right player from abroad if available
  8. I had the Birmingham goalkeeper Taylor score from a free kick just infrnt of his penalty box on FM09 (I think it was 09) but it bounced and was very lucky, amazing goal with it being intentional and all
  9. FM 11: Malaga C.F (The Anchovies)

    Starting a Malaga save now, really hoping I can make it last a fair few seasons... we'll see... will be interesting to see how much the board give for season two as well
  10. San Marino

    Mate this is sensational, read lots of it. Winning the CL with a side from San Marino is great, I think with those players you could really push on internationally as well. A few questions... are basically the players youth graduates who have progressed and are now in the Juvenes first team combined with a few imports? Also, what kind of transfer budget are you looking at at this point? Had much interest from abroad in your players? after winning CL surely values have gone up a fair bit?
  11. Quick update from me... Top after 16 games with 8 wins 6 draws and 2 defeats. 3 clear of AC Milan who are second, 3 clear of Genoa as well but they have a game in hand on both us and Milan however my superior GD means that they couldnt overtake me anyway. I should be 7 points clear of both, Roma then Sampdoria I was 1-0 up in both and in both almost identically I conceided in injury time goal to draw 1-1 meaning 2 points thrown away in the last minute of two games in a row! Safely through in the europa league already won a group which is me, Locomotiv Moscow, Lille and BATE Borisov, 4 wins and 1 draw s far with the return game against BATE left.
  12. Started a save with Juve earlier today, gone pretty well so far. hought the first team looked quite good and got a small transfer kitty to challenge for Europe and so couldn't really improve RB or LB were I saw the only real improvements needed. Signed the following youngsters anyway: Sorensen (made permanent) - 425K Wendel - £3.4M Kadlec - £875K (Beat Bayern, Real Madrid etc for him) Dennis Appiah - £1.5M All 4 are young and with the future in mind. Won 3/3 in the league so far: Parma 1 - 3 Juve [Quagliarella x2, Pepe] Juve 2 - 1 Bologna [Chiellini, Quigliarella] Brescie 0 - 5 Juve [Lanzafame, Krasic x2, Bonucci, Marchisio] Drew 0-0 with Lockomotiv Moscow in the first group stage match of the Europa League, beat Maccabi Tel-Aviv 8-0 on aggregate and Jagiellonia 4-0 on aggregate to get the group stage. Teams looking like: GK: Storari (Buffon once fit) LB: De Ceglie CB: Chiellini CB: Bonucci RB: Motta CM: Aquiliani CM: Felipe Melo CM: Marchisio AMR: Krasic ST: Quagliarella AML: Lanzafame So far so good.
  13. I see thanks (Y) best case scenario I win the primera division both stages and the play off (two winners of both stages face each other I think) North American Champions League and the club world championship
  14. Thanks. But isn't the Copa Libertadores more prestigious than the CONCACAF Champions League? and is it 4 teams total qualifying for the CONCACAF champions league or just the team who wins the opening and closing leagues?
  15. I started as Cruz Azul last night, think Mexico looks a very fun place to manager and certainly different to the regular Europe. I signed only Ali Karimi for £1.4M, Edgar Martini left ofr £160K but so far that's the onlydeals I've done. I feel the team is very strong and providing I can hold on to my key players I'm pretty confident. Won my first friendly 9-1!!! Few questions though... I looked on the rules of the league and can't find how qualification for the CONCACAF Champions League works? also qualification for the Copa Liberbertadores? And it says that it will be split into 3 geoups of 6; how are they decided? also will they be the same for both of the seasons? I'm a bit confused about the structure.