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  1. On most of my saves Huddersfield always seem to get back to back promotions. Lee Novak can be a beat upfront
  2. failing what Kieranchelsea said.. use FMRTE and edit his contact
  3. Otamendi and Adil Rami... great centre back pairing. For me on my Porto save, I'm in December 2015 and between them they've scored 98 goals in 470 games.. unbelievable for centre defenders!!
  4. Blue Square Prem help!

    Signed Fabien Brandy on my Luton save and banged in 48 in 41 league games, 57 in 53 in total. Signed Jason Walker from Barrow in Jan and he scored 30 odd goals too. Won league by 21 points, also won the FA Trophy.... Bring on League 2!
  5. I haven't made it up at all. We even made bids for Richards at City and Young at Villa but were both rejected along with Adam at Blackpool. We're a sinking ship at the moment but with the king at the helm, we'll soon be back.
  6. Although he signed a new contract, it has a lower release clause now. He turned done Spurs and Chelsea TWICE... He's a Liverpool fan and from some sources we (Liverpool) were talking to his representatives over the weekend over a summer move.
  7. So call "big four" relegated

    In my current Barcelona save, I'm in 2015 now but in 2013 Valencia got relegated so did Arsenal under the management of Roberto Mancini, somehow he kept his job and I snapped Fabregas up for £8m.. Happy days!
  8. As Barcelona I got offered Torres in 3rd season for £16m, would've got him if he didnt want a £21m signing on fee, signed Dzeko on a free instead, just been offered Fabregas for £24m too but he wants stupid money. Arsenal and Valencia both got relegated!!
  9. Fastest Hat-trick ever?

    Robbie Fowler still has the fastest hat trick against Arsenal at Anfield, just over 4 minutes
  10. Strangest Managerial appointment

    Wenger left for Benfica on my save, with Martin O'Neil going to Arsenal... also Gary Neville got the ENGLAND job after Capello stepped down after the Euro 2012 Championships.
  11. Spanish Referees?

    have you actually watched a spanish game? there's always yellow and red cards flying about so SI have got it about right in my opinion.
  12. newcastle...

    your Newcastle... what did you expect!!!
  13. Dundee start in receiverrship in Scottish First Divison. Great challenge
  14. Dundee..... Has anyone else started a game as them yet? Start with -25 points, administrators sell your players, alot of youths in the squad. Aim is to fight bravely against relegation. Got took over by a Norweigen business tycoon, cleared club debt of £2.6m and upgraded youth facilities. I finished 8th with 36 points, got manager of the year too! Somehow kept hold of Leigh Griffiths who scored 32 in 36 legaue games, 35 in 41 games in total. Great first challenge
  15. Cant Find Editor?

    How do you download through Steam mate??