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  1. The history of OHL isn't correct, the depts aren't correct, the sponsorships aren't correct. Oh, even the statium capacity isn't correct. How long has it been they take a decent look at Belgium. God, every year it's the same story.
  2. The club background of OHL notes "Winners of Proximus League 2020". They didn't win it, Beerschot did, OHL had a promotion due enlarging the first division. Also the club doesn's exist since 1958. The fusion between three clubs in Leuven since the 1st of july 2002. Toon Raemaekers has a contract until 30/06/2022 not 2021.
  3. One of the aspects I would like to see added or improved in game is de working of the multi club ownership (Like the City Group, King Power (Leicester & OHL,...). At this point the only benefit is the sharing of their scouting knowledge, but IRL there is al lot more that have been shared. Like data-analysis facilities, training facilities. It should be possible that your trainer or data-analist can improve if they could spend a little time with their affiliate club. It would also be an addition if their can be greenkeepers added to the game, this can give you as a manager a
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