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  1. Stopped playing this due to over-complicated tactics creator, players don't do what you ask anyway so whats the point in it!
  2. Wow! i didnt realise i had to know all the rules of football to buy FM! Try getting off you getting off your high horse and actually come down to the level of us fans! I doubt that a lot of people actually knew that rule but you all act like you have read the rulebook from start to finish and know every rule off by heart. Are the devs too busy reading the rulebooks to fix the broken AI and poor hit detection!
  3. Currently had a long spell away from FM but i have returned to it after a few months and i immediately remembered why i stopped playing the game is full of rubbish! i am sorry but its so obvious that the game has been decided before the match has even been played. I just played Crystal Palace and the game had clearly decided i was going to lose, i go 1-0 in the first half, i make some changes and i pull it back to 1-1. Then i get a penalty, i shoot and i hit the post and the ball bobbles to the taker who instead of burying the rebound just stands there like an idiot and lets the Palace clear. I then get another penalty and what happens THE SAME THING AGAIN! The balls hits the post and bobbles to the taker who STANDS THERE! Then we have 4 minutes of injury time where Palace score the luckiest goal ever seen and i lose. Its so frustrating it makes me want to throw the mouse out of the window, this is the reason i didnt buy FM16 (still playing FM15), this is the reason why i havent played since October last year! Its so frustrating that there is no mystery in who is going to win the game
  4. I have save scummed since constantly finishing second was getting on my nerves, resigned the day after the season finished i resigned from my team and i am currently looking for a new club to go for legit
  5. thats my point is that it is not obvious what they do without having to sit there and read a tool tip! In the previous versions FM2012 and before it was obvious what it does without having to read a tool tip and now everything is so ambigous that it isnt clear unless i sit there and read the tool tips, that is my problem with the tactical creator over the last few years that it isnt obvious how to use it and there isnt a guide in printed media of a book that i can read! I believe this game has become too complicated for people who dont exactly understand how football tactics work. What happened to chalkboard and arrows where you wanted players to run into!
  6. In the end i can come to one conclusion ... the tactics creator has passed me by! I have no idea what an inside forward does, or a deep lying playmaker, or a false 9 or any of the other duties! Problem is no one is publishing a guide anymore that i can pick up and read! The links that someone posted served to add to my confusion since that post went into absolutley no detail about what anything does in this game. Its the reason why i havent spent anytime with FM2015 since its just dumped a load more confusing options into it. No game guides like Prima used to produce which broke everything down quite nicely. You want to know how decided on the roles and duties for each player simple whatever had the most stars! Seemed like a good idea i have no idea what they all do but heck the stars must mean something.
  7. A recently got this news feed through concerning a player at my old club (Norwich City) a fans poll after his demands first team football or he is off and the manager turns him down Seems like he is off then
  8. Is there any possibility of anyone showing off a tactic that will get goals while remaining strong at the back, every year its the same for me i can either remain strong at the back and concede less but games are nicked 1-0 or lost 1-0. Or i setup with an attacking tactic and score loads but my defense are so weak regularly being caught out of position and i concede just as many as i score and the only way to win is to out score my opponent this is a long term save and i have 1 trophy to my name (spanish cup, like the FA cup with less prestige!) Every season i am so close to La Liga title i can smell it but when i come up against the big teams (Barcelona, Real Madrid, and the top teams) they all decide to phone it in and not bother. In previous versions you could set a team to be more disciplined at the back while having your attacks be a lot more creative to balance the team. I dont want to play some sit at the back counter game because my players just cant do it! Every time i set up that kind of tactic it ends up the same way that they just seem to hold the ball and get tackled and i will rarely win a game. I know this is an all out attack tactic but most of the time i come up against the big sides and having a more solid defensive tactic just means i will lose by less goals than i normally would. Playing an attacking tactic is the only way i see victories but it comes at a price as defenders seem to just do what they like with the ball and normally end up giving it away to the opposition.
  9. Thanks this is all great advice that i will look to implment i just had another bad one, played Barcelona as Real Sociedad and my players played outta their skin for 90 minutes, earning a 2-1 victory for my side (i was at home however would have been even sweeter at the Nou Camp) was ecastatic at the performance everyone give it 100% and then the next game against bottom side Las Palmas they play like a bunch of school boys having a kickabout in the park with jumpers for goalposts, not chasing balls, full backs wont close down wingers, and centre backs wont jump for headers. Strikers showboat and midfielders will recieve the ball in the centre and then stand there like they dont know what to do with it when there are at least 3 players around them unmarked who could progress the ball. A glimmer of hope when a midfielder played a sweet through ball, striker burst free one on one with the keeper, all he has to do was slot it past him but no the showboating git decides to try and round the keeper, he does but makes a meal of it plays it too deep and it ends up being cleared! So frustrating! Any other day he would have hit the ball but today he was such a show off (maybe there was girl in the crowd he was trying to impress!) Can there be a conversation addition for the next game to admonish players for showboating, its fine when your controlling the game 5-0 and the opposition are beat but when you are struggling for a goal and he decides to do what i just described then its just a frustrating time for all and there is nothing i can do about his showboating apart from moving him on
  10. I just wanted to know if anyone had any funny stories about utterly nutty teams after a work friend told me he created the tallest (by avergae) team in the league with exeter. No player signed under 6ft 4", didnt even have to be any good just had to be tall. Had a goalkeeper that was 6ft 10"! Had an average height of 6ft 6" in the end. He won league two with them and game runners up in league 1 but once he got matched against teams that were good on the ground he didnt go no further.
  11. How do i set my team up to play through balls. In older versions there was a player option to tell them to play through balls which seems to have been removed and now i have no idea how to set this up!
  12. What happened 1000yrs of World Cups and European Cups! Anyone post a screenshot of those, England had 1000yrs to get the job done i would like to think they did it at least 1 time in the last 1000yrs
  13. Wow thanks for the really good tip, i am also finding it a problem to sign quality players from the top European nations because of the overpriced nature, even transfer listed players are a rip off. Tried to sign some regen (2025 i am in) he was transfer listed for 17.75million and the club wanted 25 million. The only problem is managing in england players from Brazil and South America are going to need work permits and thats not always possible
  14. I always sign Federico Macheda when i start a new game and the team have the funds available, Man Utd youth never really broke into the first team, but you sign him for middle of the road Prem club or below and he will take defences apart. Never play him in friendlies tho for some reason he is rubbish in them, i suppose he cant be arsed! For competitive games he is a beast! I remember the first game i got him on was an old FM2013 save i got him for Norwich City on loan with an option to buy at the end of the season for £4 million. At the end of the season he finished with 31 goals in total with 24 in the league and 12 assists in total. No brainer to snap him up for £4 million quid
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