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  1. It has been more than three weeks since I reported this problem. I followed exactly what you guys told me to do, and everything was uploaded to your server while none of the Sports Interactive QA workers have ever come up with any solution. Are you guys just trying to leave this problem as it is? What a shame! Just tell me how much time I still have to wait, or say you are just not competent enough to solve problems
  2. Yes, I've uploaded the editor file that I used for this game-save to your ftp server, the name is "Guangxi.fmf" Thank you very much!
  3. Hello, Thank you for your reply. I've uploaded my game save to the FTP server, it's named "Guangxi" The game date of this save is September 5th, 2020; just like what I mentioned, the crash problem will only occur when it's on October 25th 2020, so you probably need to go on vacation until the day before. I saved another game-save on October 25th, but I couldn't upload it, I got an error message saying that "Critical file transfer error after transferring 524,288 bytes in 1 second".
  4. Hello, The game date is now October 25th, 2020, and every time after I clicked "continue" to proceed, the game crashed. This problem has never happened before, but now it keeps annoying me since I've tried every method that I know (go on vacation, go to steam and verify integrity, etc.) but I still couldn't fix it. The crash dump file is attached below: Thank you! FM 2018 v18.2.2.1055984 (2018.01.19 14.31.02).dmp
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