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  1. sorry just to explain, lucas ocampos etc, when you click on their history stats, it has the reserve stats. usually this is not the case. in other countries it doesnt. so if a player plays 1 game for the full side and 20 for the reserves, it will read, reserves and first team in the history. just get a bit messy, gives unclear pictures of the players. only an issue in the french league
  2. Have started a save with english,german,italian,spanish and french leagues loads. anyway, a lot of good french based players are playing for the reserve sides. also its recorded on the stats page. i have tried restarting and making all the leagues im not playin in as non playable, but still the same anyway of me fixing this?
  3. was 1-0 up at half time, opposition scored an own goal. but at half time say the opposition a 1-0 thanks to goal from same player who scored the OG any one else notice this?
  4. I have edited it myself, its the original database, i havnt downloaded someone elses
  5. I have all spanish leagues loaded (thats all) in november of my 1st season and still no englush league matchs played yet? Is this normal? All italian french german teams etc have league game played but no english , is this a bug?
  6. after downloading new patch, whilst starting a save, one of the first things i do is compile a shortlist, but any time i click on the spanish (only leagues loaded) flag, i get a crash dump. i have logged into steam and verified my game cache or whatever, also have deleted the crash dump(s) from the folder, but when i go back to the game and click on the flag, its gone again. any help please lads?
  7. hello everyone. i decided to change the name of barcelona's president from rossel to bartomeu with the editor. the thing is, there is no option for president, just chairman/director etc. but when i look at the other teams, apart from real madrid and the likes, the rest all have presidents, as in real life. now when i look for these presidents with the editor, its says they are chairmen, but in the game it says they are presidents. was wondering if anyone had any way to fix this, i know its only a little thing, but its annoying me, so any help would be greatly appreciated. the official fm editor btw, not the in game editor
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