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  1. So for a long time I thought the same and I played only with the "Retain Possession" (until the 3rd season). On the 4th season I added the Pass Into Space instruction and it worked fluently. The thing is, that my midfielders are often with the ball just at around the middle point of the pitch, and then they always tend to pass the ball to Hazard/Griezmann upfront to their feet. This was frustrating because whenever they got the ball, 1-2 defenders rushed on them immediately and obtained the ball real quickly. Now when I changed it to Pass Into Space, they get the ball deeper, mostly behind the defensive line, which makes them very dangerous in the box area.
  2. Okay so I'm playing Chelsea right now (currently on the 4th season). I too struggled at the beginning and finished the first season 3rd in the league. I was unsure as well of what is the best tactic to use and I had to really think about a good way to solve that for a perfect match for Chelsea. Luckily, I figured out a great tactic which works perfectly for me now. I also made some very great purchases on the market which I'd definitely be glad to recommend. So for tactic - I use the 4-1-2-3 DM (I will upload a picture later), with the following instructions: Tempo - Slower Fluid Attacking Work ball into box Play out of defense Be more expressive Dribble less - this is by far the most important instruction for my players, especially at home games Retain possession Pass into space Low crosses With these tactics I can get real dominance in the game. I really control the ball and create chances. With that being said, I also made some valuable purchases to strengthen my team: One of the best signing was Alex Sandro. He really poses a treat on the left wing when Hazard cuts inside. Other very significant purchases: Arthur, Assensio, Griezman, Caldara, Gelson Martins, Nabil Fekir, Rugani, Dybala (only bought him on the 4th season and he is an absolute beast), Kimmich. Sold Morata although he was good, just to have space for Dybala. Let me know if you need anything specific and I can provide.
  3. Okay so, I'm on season 4 now (2020/2021) and doing absolutely great with Chelsea, but, I can't find answers vs. Man Utd this season. This is absolutely insane (see pictures below):
  4. I have recently started my 2nd season with Chelsea and I got Griezmann for a bargain of 100m Euros (release clause). Although I am absolutely dominating all competitions right now, Griezmann is being left behind with relatively poor performances. He is barely involved in the team's attacking plays and whenever he touches the ball it is only for dribbling backwards or getting stuck in upper-mid-field congestion. Last season he scored 32 goals in the league when he played for Atletico. For me he only has 2 goals in 11 matches and I'm seriously thinking about benching him since I have Gelson Martins on the bench who is a beast. What would do in that situation? I really want to get Griezmann performing like he can do, this is frustrating. I believe the main problem is with his traits. He has the following traits: Runs with the ball through center, Moves into channels, Shoots from distance. I think he should not be dribbling through the center since this is usually the most condensed area of the upper midfield. This is my tactic:
  5. I just want to update that this season went on to be maybe the best I've had in FM. See below.
  6. Right now I'm totally dominating in all competitions. My tactics are superb, I think I've never had such dominance in FM for a long time (see form pic attached). In regards to Griezmann, I think his main problem is his traits: * Runs with the ball through center * Moves into channels * Shoots from distance These traits basically strict him to run through the congestion in the upper midfield. I would prefer him to have traits more similar to Eden Hazard: * Comes deep to get ball * Runs with ball often * Plays one-twos * Likes to switch ball to other flank But when I'm trying to change Griezmann's skills in the development page, it does not let me pick someone to tutor him the new trait (or cancellation of an existing one) - see attached a pic with the problem.
  7. Well no, but I am worrying more for the future, as Griezmann is a key player and if he won't be able to deliver quality performances I may struggle vs stronger teams.
  8. Just to emphasize how critically my problem with Griezmann is, take a look at this match for example (see attached). While I completely dominated the game, and all others were just faultless, Griezmann didn't really find himself. When I watched the comprehensive broadcast, I saw he was covered 100% of the time and couldn't actually get the ball at all.
  9. Great, looking forward to start reading some stuff.
  10. Thanks for that thorough reply, I find it helpful. I tweaked my tactics a little bit and changed the starting lineups based on the opponent and I find it very successful so far. One key element I adjusted was playing wider - when I play with Griezmann and Hazard both as IF they cut inside often, and therefore, create a congestion in the upper midfield. I solved that by playing wider which allows them additional space for dribbles. But not all things are perfect. When I had Willian last season he used to rush forward on the flank and cross inside, this was very powerful. Now with both Griezmann and Hazard dribbling inside, I have no crosses supplies anymore. I tried to adjust Griezmann to play as a winger, but his nature is dribbling from the center and cutting inside often. I think I am not using Griezmann to his max. Last season he scored 32 goals in the league for Atletico, and for me he has only scored 1 goal in 4 matches. Any advice on that? Btw, Alex Sandro is a beast on the flank together with Hazard. He is absolutely storming the flank with overlaps and creates chances to everybody. I have not played vs a high profile team yet, so I don't know how it will work vs a skilled team who will dominate me, but Sandro is quality nonetheless. One more thing I wanted to ask - how do you guys approach tough away games when you are not the favorite? Right now I face lower ranked teams and I completely dominate with the new tactics, but I'm afraid I won't be able to use it vs Man City or Bayern (same group in Champions League). Thanks
  11. Hello everybody! I recently purchased FM 18 after I skipped 17 and 16 and I'm trying to adapt to the Tactics features in terms of aligning everything and suiting it to my team. I chose a relatively easy team - Chelsea, and I've gone through one season with them so far. Nevertheless, I can definitely say I'm struggling. I finished 3rd last season, with Man City and Utd are 1-2, respectively. But I guess my main concern was about tactics - I just don't know how to use it well. For the new season, I adopted the following tactic as the main one (see picture attached). I have doubt about using Griezmann in the right wing, and about taking full usage of Nabil Fekir at that very low position. In addition, I want to make sure I fully use Alex Sandro's qualities. I would love to hear any advice and comments on my tactics. My main role is to learn the game now so anything would be appreciated. Thanks
  12. Well, you're right, but I actually didn't have an appropriate sub for him. The only 2nd striker I had at the time was Vydra.
  13. Erm, on my save he doesn't wanna he even consider it. Anyway, get Christian Trasch. One of the best cheap-RB I ever played with.
  14. How did you manage to buy Jon Silva, as he doesn't want to join the club?
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