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  1. I got 23.07m in 2016-17 for my Eibar side if u are still looking for the ans.
  2. I am playing Eibar in Liga BBVA at the moment. Is it possible to add a B team like Barca B or Castilla or something similiar to it that I can freely transfer players between the teams? Or it is fixed that teams without a B team can never had one?
  3. Using a similar tactics, I won the ECL with Southampton in 14.2.2 in the second year. I used a CF(A) with F9 instead but I think it all depends on the cards you have. If you got a good AMC, it seems a SS is better. Also, I prefer push higher up if you chose to hassile the oppoment. With Drop deeper, it means your defenders will need to run a long way to close down the oppoment, which may ends up spaces for through ball. I personally would recommend CWB on both sides if u chose a HB instead of Anchor Man as well(Well I got pretty good CWB Shaw and Clyne). However its totally up to you. Im looking forward to see if it works in 14.3 too, keep it up dude!
  4. I agreed with your 3&4 points but not the others. As etectra said, his tactic familiarity is fully fluid. Hence, no matter how the priority in training, at his most recent match, there should not be a problem about the tactic familiarity. Even his trained tactics are extremely opposite. Lets put it this way, I agreed with your priority in training, but it is not relevant to his problem in any sense. Since it has been trained to max. fluidity already. As for the target man roles. Maybe you should try it in game instead of purely copying the instructions. I sometimes use a lone forward as "Target man"(A) when I feel needed and he does have good supply. A physically impressive forward with considerably average technique wont do you any good as CF(S). Target man will actually try to bring other players in game, mainly using his physical strength. My Target Man (Cerri) will only 13 OtB, still doing a great job to hold the ball at front and pass to my IFs whilst doing his striker job. When compare to my other tactics(Exactly the same teactic with a CF(A/S) instead of Target Man(A), he actually involves a lot more in play-making than my other strikers with CF(A/S) role.
  5. Im managing Southampton n won the EPL in the first year. Managed to won it again this year with FA cup and Capital 1 cup, lost towards Lyons in European Champion League at quarter final with a 3-1 first leg is a pain..
  6. My lone poacher is doing pretty well LOL 5 goals and 5 assists in 12 matches when he is only 21 yo with 2.5 star rating. I got 2 IF and an AMC (advanced playmaker) to support him tho.
  7. What is your tactic familiarity during your test? I had the same problem with my similar tactics ( I had an AMC instead of 2 MCs) when it has low familiarity but it gets better and better with higher familiarity.(Although its still the main weakness). Try set your AML and AMR with tighter marking. If against strong teams with good wings (Lamela, fk him :x), set your Inside forwards to defensive wingers with indivdual instruction tighter marking and mark the specific player . Also, What is the assist type? If it is crossing from the flanks then you may want to set fullbacks to close down more. If your fullbackis much slower then their wings, hard tackle will usually cause them being skinned off. If it is through ball towards the flank then you may want them to close down less to matain the tactic shape. For the through balls, you may also want to mark their creative player tighter every game. Stand off oppoment may also helps, I am not sure about this tho. Defensive forward is also a v. strong role as you got Suarez.(high work rate,aggression, bravery, anticpation and considerably good tackling as forward)
  8. When it is already a 1v1 chance then there is nothing you can do with tactics. Try focus your individual practice on composure. I discovered it makes a bigger difference than finishing in 1v1s imo. Also, get the right ppms for them: place shots for strikers with high finish+tech, Run around the keeper with high acceleration+dribbing whilst low finishing(Sterling I guess). PS: Develop the weaker foot will massively help if they have a weak foot. See if it helps.
  9. Excuuse me but I am confused that I cannot upload any screenshots in the thread. I tried the insert image button or jus copy n paste directly but they both failed. Can anyone help me with this stupid question?
  10. No LONG SHOTS. I am tired to see my team try to attempt long shots which will never score. I set all players to shot less often with retain possession and work ball into box, still there are 10+long shots per game and its just rediculous. You never see a possession based team try that much long shots. I can't see there is any help with work ball into box since they keep on shooting outside the box. Also, the shoot less often caused my players to pass the ball from their final third to midfields...even its a clear cut chance. And the long shot accuracy is another pain which need a lot change Id say. How come a player with 17 long shot and 15+ for finishing and tech cant hit the net even once? When I watch Euro Championship in real life they at least shot 1/4 of their long shots on target, even its captured by keeper. I am not losing the game cause of it but it is just a pain when my team never play along with my instructions. I sincerely hope there will be some change asap.
  11. Thanks for your answer This dilemma caused me headache for a week LOL +oil on ur Ajax, I m following it everyday
  12. May I ask when should I loan players out? I got some pretty good youngsters and I am dilemma if I should loan them out or not. I am southampton with top training facilities (if it is related?) and top youth facilities. Lets say if the "loaner club" got good~superb training and youth facilities. Is it better to keep them in my own reserve team? Thanks for your help. P.S. I am abit confused if I should look at the training facilities or youth facilites for the "loaner club" as well. Since they will offer first team commitment, should I focus on the training facilities regarding my player's age?
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