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  1. The delay between the chat window with the player and stats match window is still unfixed.
  2. Please, pay attention to the description boxes "this instruction is already active for the player role" and "this instruction is unavailable for the player role"
  3. First of all, congratulations SI Second, too bad things weren't improved in the PI section: it seems the issues from previous patches with some confusion about instructions already active and unavailable and they were reported in time.
  4. I think we all can recognize a few issues / problems, even SI has recognized it and they are working on a fix. But as for issues you have mentioned, sorry mate, those aren't bugs and if you rely on those to argument that the game is broken, well, you are simply wrong. The only issue I would agree with is with players taking too long to react when they have to defend.
  5. Sure it is but the player who is supposed to come closer sits almost near the penalty box and this is why is praticaly being man-mark. That's not coming closer
  6. Short corners need to be improved (I think there are threads about this at the bugs section): the player doesn't come closer enough and often it's man-marked by the opposition :confused:
  7. I'm with you on that issue, the problem is with pressing, hassle and mark tighter aren't enough options to replicate the kind of pressing needed. I guess there are lots of attacking options, but there's a need of serious improvements of defensive options... and since the style discussed is both attacking and defensive, well, there will be always something missing.
  8. Thanks, I have the rar files right here, will do all again... this time with the folders :-)
  9. That's problem, I haven't no folders except the background folder because I extracted the files not the folders... for instance, I've downloaded the BBVA folder but instead moving it to Backgrounds, I moved the files.
  10. Damn, I didn't download the folders. I've extracted the files inside the folders to C:\Users\Documents\Sports Interactive\Football Manager 2014\graphics\backgrounds directory... so now I don't have folders to extract these config files :-( but the images are working
  11. I have to :-) sorry, where to download these ?
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