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  1. I looked at your post about your liverpool game and it really helped. Ive also seen the posts about man marking your opponents playmaker to stifle there creativity I dont know if its on here or another FM site I cant remember to be honest. Is there a guide or write up anywhere about reading scout reports and oppostiton analysis to look at the strengths and weakenesses of your opponent. I understand a lot of it already just always good to read up more and see what other managers do.
  2. I started using your new tweak from the QPR game onwards which I wasnt expected to win so I played a weakened team. My Cheltenham team got promoted from League 2 in the first season by finishing 3rd where I was expected to finish 16th I believe. I am now predicted to finish 21st in League 1 which basically means relegation. Most my players are only good enough for League 2 really apart from the loans, Dan Happe & Doyle-Hayes who are on a wage which I cant really afford so one of them will probably be gone in January. I will keep going with this tweak as it plays great football and I can se
  3. I know mate defoe got injured for 2 months too so was using anichebe upfront and drew/lost a couple I reckon I would have won if I had him. The only thing I changed on free kicks & corners was moving a player set to go forward to stay back. I didn't get countered once after that and the corners & free kicks still created a lot of chances.
  4. Just finished a whole season with Sunderland using your asymetric 4-1-2-2-1 and have to say it was very good. Scored a lot of different goals although the main assist route was from left back (van Aanholt - highest average rating in league!). The set peices are also good would suggest having 3 or more players back tho rather than the 2 as you can get countered pretty easily. I managed to finish 4th with a below average team and reach the F.A Cup final unfortunately losing to a strong spurs team. Here is a few screenshots I have:
  5. After reading through this thread I have tried using your guidelines to create a slow possession tactic in a 4-1-2-2-1 formation & also attempted to create a quick counter attacking tactic using a 4-1-4-1 formation. I would say im more confident in the possession tactic I have created but would like to get your feedback on both tactic's and see if you can see any faults. 4-1-2-2-1 Control/Fluid Shorter Passing, Work Ball Into Box, Play Out Of Defence, Exploit The Middle, Push Higher Up, Hassle Opponents, Get Stuck In, Use Offside Trap, Lower Tempo. ----------------GK(D)---------------
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