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  1. Ive got 28 people in my first team and 37 in my reserves.
  2. I signed Facundo Ferreyra from Shaktar for 11.75 mil, but he was worth 2-3 mil now over 55m. He has scored 115 in 170 apps and won player of the year and would've won it a second time probably but he got a recurring injury. Also Eder Alvarez Balanta from River Plate for 7.75m, sent him out on loan for one season and when he came back he averaged 7.33 7.5 and 7.63 over the next 3 seasons. Hes now worth about 50m and hes only 23. Finally Aleksandar Mitrovic i got him for 15m but i got him in the second season so if you go for him straight away he'll probably be less. P.S. Leon Goretzka is pretty awesome but hes quite expensive.
  3. Oh right cool, can you tell me when the update well be out?
  4. OK so when I resign from a club that club will releases all the reserve team players, which is really annoying because I want to go back to that club in like 5 years to see if the youth team that I built turns out to be any good. Is there any way to stop this happening? thanks
  5. I always find that using wingers is ineffective, last season Walcott had stats of Pld 42, Gls 5, Ast 6 and AvR 7.07 and I played him in AMC or FC and the end of the season which was where he most his goals. Podolski Pld 31, Gls 0, Ast 6, Av R 6.91 The Ox Pld 38, Gls 2, Ast 9, Av R 7.10 I dunno if these are decent stats for winger to be fair but I always thought they never work very well. But I'll try it next time.
  6. Hi everybody Im having trouble when playing against teams in this formation https://www.dropbox.com/s/hmrco7opsf15mm1/Screenshot_2014-02-17-15-36-17.png I've tried a few different formations and tactics all seem to result in the same outcome. This is probably my strongest team and I use ATTACKING SHORT NORMAL PRESSING and OFFSIDE TRAP. https://www.dropbox.com/s/lgdym87zgvmf7de/Screenshot_2014-02-17-15-52-49.png So how do you normally line up against teams, also it is usually the teams that use this formation are lower down the table so it could just be i cant break team down. Thanks
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