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  1. Name: Jarno Parikka Age: 28 Nationality: Finnish Club: Free Position: AMC / ST (Best roles AM(S), AP(S)) Value: 0 Wages: 1k/week Signed for: Crawley (League 2) Work Permit Needed?: No Been my best player in league 2 for the first half of first season
  2. Not a bug report or a whine, just a related observation on how loans seem to work ingame: In FM16, at least my League 2 club Crawley is limited to 8 loans with the additional limit of maximum 5 loanees in match squad based on my first test game. I was suprised to see the limit when I hit it while spamming for season-long loans Was totally gonna exploit loans for promotion... Then I tried to cancel few of them to allocate those slots to better players but that failed also, as the quota is filled regardless whether the loan is calcelled.
  3. Ha, We had a bad streak, 5 straight losses including 8-0 beating from Spurs, but I thought that the team got over it as we started winning again... But it seems Sebastian Rode was left with bipolar disorder :<
  4. So a quick update on this: 10/11/2015 we got the expansion to use. 17k capasity hooray! 8M well spent 16/06/2016 board finished planning of the new stadium and announced that well will build a new 25k seater costing us 61M.. for 8k extra capasity Hope we can atleast expand that further. Construction expected to be completed 26/6/2018. So construction company wasn't that fast. And it makes more sense to use that initial 8M for 2½ years.
  5. Thanks for this. Preordered and received key instantly. Now the waiting begins...
  6. So true. Our balance projection is kinda miserable. As stated in the title, this happened after promotion from championship to premier league Lucky me! Maybe they'll cancel the stadium plans now that they had to expand the old ground...
  7. My poor finances.. Moreover, I don't own the current stadium, but the news item told that it'll cost 8mil to expand it..
  8. Hm, I had a fantastic season with Celtic and clinched the league title early March. While browsing through the news, board decided to inform me of initial budgets for coming season.. All good, but it's 2nd of March, and there are still 3 games to go this season.
  9. Is the saving quicker if you start a new game vs beta game? Still feeling that the save takes way longer than in 14. But as I started the save in beta, it might be sorted already.
  10. Well I've gotten clubs of my own choosing as my feeders. So it's not entirely broken.
  11. I'm in the same boat as Dave80. Current save says estimated game speed 1 star and I've been happy with it. I tend to lose interest on my saves if I play with too few leagues loaded. Now I have around 60 leagues loaded with 2600k and a huge DB obv.
  12. Ruci online in this topic also! /me waves
  13. Ok, mine doesn't Just says players 0, staff 0 and teams 70k smt.
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