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  1. I've done some tests before, and found no correlation between switching focus to fitness and actual c̶o̶n̶d̶i̶t̶i̶o̶n̶ / match fitness of the players. Forgot to test jadedness though. I don't know if there are any hidden parameters under the hood, but after that, I have never done any preseasons with fitness focus, and haven't had any problems with injuries or match fitness during the season. Edit: Condition does actually go up, but it makes no difference if you focus fitness or not. Also, checked the jadedness, it doesn't change in regards what type of preseason training you choose.
  2. Not only your best career, but, as I said before, one of the best careers ever. Congrats on the treble.
  3. That doesn't make any sense. Serbia is not a part of EU, therefore why would they limit the number of non-EU players in the team!? It's more likely that they limit foreign players, though I'm not sure if it's the case with BiH players, since half of BiH is a Serbian entity.
  4. Cleon, Ajax thread needs to be a sticky.
  5. Great start. And a great game yesterday IRL.
  6. Wow, a great start! Wish we played like that in real life... By the way, Manny Smith is pretty injury prone, as is Leacock, so you definitely need to have some cover there.
  7. Hope you will continue with this! I have played quite a few Notts Co games. Also signed Derry in the last one. Hollis was excellent for me.
  8. If you follow the your path, you will have no problem to get the Wrexham job.
  9. PA 200 player improved by 10 CA... That's not a lot, really. Like 5%. With standard players (PA less that 160) - pretty insignificant, IMO.
  10. That sucks. And by the way, player search should be overhauled, in my opinion.
  11. I wish you could have more control over financial stuff in FM. Something like General Manager Mode, or Chairman Mode, possibly. But I do understand that it would probably make the game far more easier. And it's easy enough with you being able to be a manager and a director of football at the same time.
  12. This. Plus, most of the large clubs became big by being supported by states in past times. It's enough, really. We don't need individual sponsors to make them even bigger. Don't get me wrong - I have no qualms with money being invested in football. The key word being "football". I just want equal opportunities for multiple teams.
  13. Standard preseason of 9+ friendlies (with three training days between each one), team training set to Team Cohesion on High, match prep set on Tactics and 50%, no individual training, no rest days.
  14. In my experience, average attendance grows fairly slowly. That's a large factor for both finances and stadium improvement. If a club has got a small stadium, you can't hope for 50k+ stadiums and attendances. Simply because a new stadium can be built once in 25 years. So, don't expect to build 100k stadium with a lower league club. And, by the way, don't ever bother buying the stadium you rent! As for sponsorships, they will grow over time, but I have yet to see clubs getting Man City/PSG fees, even after multiple CL wins. Players wages and transfer budgets will grow, probably not as fast as you'd want them to, but that wouldn't be a challenge anyways, right? Again, don't expect to get to the top by having superior players, but rather by using what you have in a best way.
  15. Their CA stops improving by the time they reach 25. Their mentals will still improve, but it will be mostly due to attribute redistribution.
  16. I have read possibly hundreds of FM stories over the years, but this one is hands down the best one I've read yet. Thank you for continuing this save, which is one of the rare ones that resembles real life, and therefore is fantastically immersive. I've got like a million questions I would ask, but since I don't want to turn this great thread into Q&A, I will stick to the two that interest me the most. First, in your opinion, Kris, what was the most crucial thing in making the change from lower league mediocrity to being a standard PL team you are now? Second, if you played this career again, what would you do differently? A lot of things, I bet, but what would be the biggest difference? Looking forward to further updates!
  17. Dude, what are you talking about? You are practically playing against the World XI there. Just look at your team, then look at their team. Then look again. Your team is nice, but they are outplaying you not because they've got superior/overpowered tactics, but because their players are miles ahead of yours. That being said, there is no tactic with which you are going to beat them on a consistent basis. Sure, you could get a positive result in one or two out of ten (re)played games, but that would be just down to luck.
  18. I admire the fact that you are enjoying the game in such a different way. Also, would love to see you play a few seasons in, building a team in a realistic way. Love reading Liverpool stories, but I hate the fact that over the years, most of them were standard "disregard reality - buy young elite talent - dominate the world" type.
  19. No. But if you've got light OCD like I do, you will sign your best scout as a head scout.
  20. When it comes to the wingers, the thing is simple. I train all of my left footed wingers to be able to play both ML and AML positions, and my right footed guys should be able to play MR and AMR. I might also train them to play AMC position, but I don't train them to be stikers. I like my strikers to be tall and strong, and it's not often that you find those qualities in a winger. It is commonly said that fast wingers dominate the lower leagues. I find that it is also true for European football. If you can find a player that technically and mentally good, but not excellent, and is very fast (say 18+ for Acceleration and Pace), he will bang in goals for you like crazy. So what I look for in a winger is primarily physical: Acceleration, Pace, Agility, Balance, in order of importance. Dribbling, Finishing, First Touch, Passing, Technique are the important technical attributes. Perhaps, Dribbling is the most important. Finishing might seem like the most important one, at least for me, because I rely on wingers to score. But I've had guys with only decent Finishing scoring 30+ goals for me, so I don't obsess about it. Key mental attributes would be Composure and Off the Ball. Work Rate is nice, but not so common in wingers. Creativity, Flair and Teamwork would be nice, if you like free flowing passing. This guy would be equally suited to play as a Winger, or as an Inside Forward. Both will get into goalscoring chances. As I said, I like him to be able to play both in M and AM strata, but if I played him in midfield, I would still play him as a winger. If he is able to play as a WM (in other words - if he has some sort of a defensive game), that is fine, but I would never play him as a Defensive Winger; I would just use my Wing Back for that. Wide Target Man is something I didn't really play with yet, so no comments on that, but I assume that the type of a player I described wouldn't be suited to this role.
  21. I would like to share something I remembered today, which is semi-related to this topic. Whenever I develop my CMs, I always make sure they can play either DM, or AM. There is one basic distinction I make between central midfielders - are they defensively oriented, or are they attacking oriented. When it comes to defensive ones, I like to have guys with high mental stats, such as Aggression, Anticipation, Bravery, Positioning, Teamwork and Work Rate. Next priority are physical stats: Agility, Balance, Stamina and Strength. Tackling and Marking are also needed, but for some reason, I am more willing to go with guys that are mentally and physically capable, then with guys who are Technically proficient, but lack in either of those areas. (Also, arguably, Concentration, Decisions and Determination are actually more important than any of the mentioned attributes) So, once I have a midfielder that has a strong defensive game, which is by the way very important for me, I am looking at what extras he can bring to the table. Ideally, if he is a real good player, he will be a creative force. So: Passing, Technique, Creativity, Flair, possibly First Touch and Off the Ball, are the key attributes for this sort of a player, in my opinion. He is capable of playing Regista or DLP (def). Having this type of a player is a goal of any long term save I'm playing, because I believe that a player like this can really turn things around for a club, allowing it to play a much more defensively solid tactic, while still being able to contribute a lot to attacking phase. Now, not every player has a potential to be that good, so if my DM is not suited to being a creator like this, I still train him to have a solid passing game. So, First Touch, Passing and Technique are the desired attributes for my regular DM/CM. I will usually play him as DM (def/sup), CM (def), BWM (sup), and maybe as a CM (sup), depending on his stats. When it comes to attacking CMs, I always train them to be competent as AMCs, both in positional ability and attributes-wise. I make a simple distinction - is he able to create, or is he able to run with the ball and finish. The first guy, would be a playmaker. I don't care about his defensive capability, but I want him to have these attributes: First Touch, Passing, Technique, Creativity, Flair, Off the Ball, Teamwork, Work Rate, Agility. He would play as an advanced playmaker for me or as a CM (sup), possibly as a CM (att). If he could Finish, it would be a big plus. Also, some Positioning wouldn't hurt, if he should play at MC, rather than AM position, even if I'm not expecting him to defend. The second guy, let's call him a Runner, would need: Dribbling, Finishing, First Touch, Passing, Technique, Off the Ball, Acceleration, Agility. Some Creativity and Flair wouldn't hurt. This is the guy that I want to penetrate the defense, to support the attack and score when possible. Usual roles are: CM (att), AMC (sup/att), maybe a Shadow Striker. Now granted, it would be the best to have a player that can do both - run with the ball and finish, while still be a creative force - and I do develop my top prospects to be that way. But the regular ones, I train to be either a Runner or a Creator. Once in a while, I also find a player that can do it all, but usually doesn't excel in anything. Box to Box midfielder comes to mind. I haven't figured out how to train those players the best, but, for now, I think I like them to be good at Finishing, First Touch and Passing, Off the Ball, Positioning, Teamwork, Work Rate, Agility, Balance, Stamina and Strength. Finishing is an interesting choice, maybe. I find the likes of B2B mids do get into a goalscoring situations far more often than I imagined before. So, there are some thoughts for you. Not perfect, I know. Perhaps some of the more experienced members could share their own thoughts.
  22. They do the same job as regular scouts and physios do. The only difference, I believe, is that they are the ones who compile reports for you.
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