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  1. Quick question: Are there any obvious mistakes with this type of setup? Fluid, Counter TI: Shorter Passing, Work Ball Into Box, Play Out of Defence, Push Higher Up, Lower Tempo GK (GK - def) DR (Full Back - sup), DC (CD - def), DC (CD - def), DL (Full Back - sup) DMC (DM - def) MR (Winger - att), MC (Deep Lying Playmaker - sup), MC (Advanced Playmaker - att) AML (Winger - att) ST (Deep Lying Forward -sup) Playing an "ironman" game at the moment, and I'm in the middle of the season, so wouldn't like to experiment too much.
  2. So, basically, Positioning is useless for players not involved in defending (pochers, advanced forwards, trequartistas, inside forwards, adv. playmakers. etc.), so is Off the Ball for Central defenders?
  3. A question about Positioning and Off the Ball attributes: is OtB just an offensive equivalent of (defensive) Positioning, and vice versa, or is there more to it? Over time I have read multiple (sometimes contradictory) explanations. How does it really work? I know that both are connected to Anticipation, Anticipation being a prime mental attribute...
  4. I really avoid very heavy workloads. My players always seem to get long term injuries when on heavy/very heavy. Now, this just might be a subjective feeling, I haven't really tested if it's true. But I still put my players on medium, or should I say - at least on medium, and at most on medium workload.
  5. How do you guys deal with congested schedules? Do you rest your players manually, or give them a day's rest after the game, or just let them recover on their own? I always seem to have trouble with player conditions when I play every 3/4 days (i.e. before I get kicked out of cups). Oh, and by the way, my training looks like this: general training - balanced/low; match prep at 10%; individual focus on high; no resting days. Overall it gives me medium workload.
  6. Top quality stuff. What I enjoyed reading the most is about how you build your team. Actually, I don't find that to be the most useful part of the guide, but I really enjoy reading about how people go about building their tactics. The ideas behind it, and all... So, if you find time in the future, perhaps when you start a new save, to write about that more, it would be really appreciated.
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