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  1. Game is working now that I turned the sound off, lowered the graphics and went to windowed view. Not sure which one really did the trick but its running great now. If only I could figure out how to win now Thanks for your help!
  2. I will try when I get home from work. I always have my computer muted so I guess the game is still trying to play sound although it's pointless. So I will turn that off and let you know if it works. Once back at home I can also get the DxDiag file. Cheers
  3. I played since this game came out and now all of a sudden the game started crashing every time I try and play a match. I tried all the normal fixes like clearing my cache and deleting any skins or packs. I also just tried updating my graphics card and now the game is crashing even more. My crash dump is atached FM 2018 v18.3.3.1074698 (2018.05.22 20.54.39).dmp
  4. @edouardlm Did you ever find a solution to this? I am having a similar issue. Just wanted to see what people ended up doing to resolve the issue. Thanks!
  5. I've never experienced it during a single player game and this was the first online game. so it seems a bit odd. No I have not, I actually found that after making my post so I apologize. I can try and work through those and test it out. Just still seems strange that it occurred about 15 days into my very first online game.
  6. I started up an online game today on my computer. I had one other user playing and I I got a few error messages in the first few days. Then right before my first friendly I got a message saying it was running dangerously low on memory and before I could do anything the game crashed and it said the memory had run out. I received 5 crash dump files when this happened. Has anyone seen this before during online games? My computer isn't the best but it should be able to handle this. Any advice would be greatly appreciated
  7. That makes a lot of sense, I always get so close minded when it comes to symmetry of formations, I will tinker with changing one flank and also mess with the forward role a bit. Appreciate the advice!
  8. I am new to posting on here so I will try and be as descriptive as I can. (I am currently at work without access to screenshots) I have bounced back and forth between creating tactics and trying some downloaded ones but I have decided I want to start a long term save with my own tactics to really feel some personal pride (or shame). I started unemployed and got a job in Iceland. I am obviously with a weaker side as I'm an unknown manager. So my thought process we to create a solid defensive foundation and then work up the pitch, especially because I start the season in a cup against mostly Icelandic Premier teams. My tactic seems to be working defensively as I am holding teams to very little half chances and almost zero clear cut chances. However...now I need to start scoring or my fans will get bored and i won't get anything more than a point out of a match. I am playing a 4-1-2-2-1: I won' list out my TI's because frankly I have changed them quite a bit as I experiment so I am up for hearing suggestions on those as well as PI's. My aim is shutdown the middle of the field when they have the ball. My defenders are great in the air so I'm OK with them sending in some crosses. I put the Anchor in there because I found my one weakness was through balls through the middle (probably because my center backs were covering a little for the WB's being pushed up) This resolved that issue. In the attack my hope is that they can build through the middle by overloading the opposition, get the ball up to the DLF who can dish it off to the attacking players. If this option isn't on the WB's will be arriving to allow wide support and can then swing in crosses to my 3 attacking central players who are also pretty good in the air. I have found after some games though that while I am giving up little to no chances...I am also creating none (makes for a very boring game). I finish games with about equal possession, more shots (not too many from long) but none of them "Good" chances. I am playing teams a league above but I am just curious as to why I would be able to be the better team on the pitch consistently but not create any quality chances. If anyone has any advice on some small tweaks I could make to improve my attack I would greatly appreciate it. While I don't want to download any tactics for this save, I think learning from interaction between fellow managers is a respectable and valuable way to improve. Cheers!
  9. I ended up going with the heavy man marking and it has been working better. A few more tweaks needed I think but its getting there. Thanks for the feedback!
  10. Is there anyway to defend against corners when my team is abysmal at jumping and heading. No budget for buying anyone, I've done well stopping other teams from crossing but it seems every corner they get is either a goal or a great opportunity. Ive messed with a few different routines but nothing seems to work. Anyone run into this yet??
  11. Hey I know this thread has been dead for awhile but I just started playing fm14 again in an online game with my brothers, nothing like family bonding over so football manager. I did a quick search on here for FM14 to get some refreshers on it as I haven't played for awhile. Found this thread and it matches the styles I have been playing in FM games lately. Was wondering if you could recall if you used OI's at all? I am not a fan of them but I wanted to get your take. Thanks!!
  12. This formation makes for amazing possession and chances but it also allows for teams to sit back and counter very well. I'm doing decent in my season but I feel as though I'm getting a bit lucky scoring from set pieces and soon it will all come crashing down. Have you been able to work out the defensive frailties?
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