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  1. All the time, not only loan but transfer as well. If I hate the club, I just don't wanna see it developing.
  2. I can actually play at work if there's not so much load on us (during week days there aren't so many football games, so we are not that busy). Does holliday count? I skip boring days inbetween fixtures often. My FM is always opened while at home and while watching TV/making something else I do press the occasional continue.
  3. Same goes for Vaduz. They played some years in the top flight in Switzerland and yet ... almost no players from Liechtenstein in the squad. I wonder if Vaduz manages to stay for 4-5 more years without relegation, will there be an improvement in the Liechtenstein national team and will those players playing and born in/around Vaduz be willing to play for Liechtenstein? So far, in real life, absolutely no improvement. And teams like Faroe Islands got really much better. I recall Curacao, they were ****, one of the worst teams in the Caribbean some years ago (well Dutch Antilles) now after Kluivert and all the players from Eredivisie born on the island/with parents born there, Curacao is really much better. So, I imagine something like that will be possible on FM.
  4. You can always see who won't it most, from records. But there's no way telling who's third fourth etc. You must click on the history of every team. Is it anyway possible to make a screen and add it to the skin with a table and a standing who has won it how many times? Like: 1. Barcelona 45 2. Atletico 33 3. 4. etc
  5. Too bad I don't wanna abandon my save game. I use a lot of graphic, add pics even for new gens so I don't have those annoying regen pics. Ad stadiums backgrounds etc etc. The graphic folder is well over 200GB. I have a lot of memory leaks. Usually during processing the days, when the news appears one after another. I played and looked through the options, and change the GPU rendering to software. Since then, two months passed in the game, not a single memory problem. I don't know if this still interest you, or if you all went to FM 2017, but thought I might as well share my experience. One day I might as well play 2017, who knows, but it won't be in the near future. Just hate to start all over again every time. (If you add the possibility to start the game from a later date, with Messi say being 55 years old and a manager, then I might play every new game. )
  6. Hah, south american teams do play two games in the same day. I've seen exactly America de Cali from Colombia play a league game and a Copa Libertadores game at the same time.
  7. Nothing helps, restart as well. After launching FM all 8GB of free memory goes to standby and free memory is 0. I guess I'm done playing until I buy 4x8GB Kingston I just looked up online. Damn FM and damn windows.
  8. I noticed under resource monitor all the memory has been marked as standby (all 6 GB after launching FM) and not as free. And before that it was 2GB free and 6GB standby.
  9. The moment I start the game (my save is already almost 1GB large) the game takes 2 700 000Kb memory. Right after the first click on continue the game gives me that dumb memory error. It's impossible to play. I have 16GB of system memory, I have 8GB free memory before starting the game. I notice only my pagefile is waay too small. Till today I got the memory problem after some time of playing, when FM was using more than 3 600 000Kb of memory, which was ok. The game crashed only 2-3 times per day. But now I don't know what happened, I changed nothing, windows doesn't allow FM to use more than 2 700 000Kb. Which is strange. I tried launch settings in steam and putting heapsize 5000000 but of course didn't help. Anyway to allow the game to use up to 5 GB of ram, windows is just pathetic in managing system memory. I am thinking of setting from task manager FM priority to high or very high, is it gonna help? The only way to play is to remove absolutely all graphics, then the game uses just 2 400 000Kb.
  10. This is what I saw on the Visir page If you want to boost tourism, then beat England tomorrow and the whole of Scotland will visit to help celebrate.
  11. England's manager is paid $4.6 million a year. Iceland's manager is a part-time dentist.
  12. I can't believe how physically strong Iceland are. And mentality, best team when it comes to mentality.
  13. It's been rather boring football, not only the 24 teams setup (I love there are more games, but make it 32 teams, like the WC, not that stupid 3 teams can progress) The other thing is - there are way toooo many weak teams, but since Mourinho, everyone just realize play witha GK and 10 DC and you can stop every team. That just kills the game.
  14. Yeah, I noticed the large file long ago, part of it is due to the fact that I don't shutdown/restart my PC for months. Just leave it sleep. There are no lags or anything and I really rare feel the need to restart.
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