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  1. I don't know if here's the right place to post this, but.. One nation can't have 6 teams in the UEFA ChL. Maximum 5. If clubs from the same nation win ChL and Liga Europa and both clubs finish outside top 4, than instead of 6 teams (like in FM 15) the Nation will have 5 teams in the ChL. Top 3 and those two winners.
  2. As PCs weren't that popular back than and we played outside all day, yes. We had our fantasy football league. We generated the results by actually playing. You all know that Kinder Surprice eggs, so we used the toys inside them as players. There was a draft and everyone choose his players. I think we had 6 for each team. After that you arrange your players on the field and we played against each other. We had a lot of rules, like the player who's closer to the ball can play with it. You can arrange your players and move them say 10cm if the player who has to play with the ball is 10cm away fr
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