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  1. I'm using an edited database. Even if i was to start a new one, it still only shows full names. I'm similar, don't like fiddling around in the editor unless its for name purposes
  2. This used to be the case, seems like FM20 is the other way round though
  3. Hi Guys, Was wondering if there was an option to show the short name of clubs instead of long full names whilst using the editor? I'm trying to edit some club names and it's taking forever as I cannot see what ones need to be changed because the Long Full Names are the only ones being shown unless I click into the team.
  4. Basically, I have changed some names of clubs and leagues to their actual names. I also downloaded a pack from sortitoutsi. I have been doing this for ages and starting new saves. Suddenly its decided to stop working and putting the fake names back onto my saves? What do i do?!
  5. 2016 End of Season Review Well, due to me only being in charge for 5 games, there isn't much to say but... The last 5 games (all highlighted) were the ones where I was manager, 4 Wins from 5 isn't too bad gutted about the last game though, GrIFK were already relegated so I put out a weaker team - oh well And this is how the league ended up! Mid-Table is a good position, will be looking to build on that next season I didn't bother putting the player stats due to not really using them for the season but, Two of my players did get into the TOTS which was supris
  6. Quick Update, I thought I'd show off shat happened in my first month in charge... I broke a Club AND League record! I've actually never broke a league win record for any game, even though it's so small and insignificant, still meant a lot I also got manager of the month!
  7. Club One: Haka After 4 months of waiting, I've finally got a job! I'm now the Valkeakosken Haka manager in the Finish Second Division (Ykkonen) This is our current squad for the rest of the season. I'm very happy with it, needs a bit of work, but just need to finish this season before we make any drastic changes Here are two of our best players currently: Chris James - a brilliant playmaker, too good for this league. Sadly his contract is running out and he has no interest in renewing Emenike Mbachu - A Nigerian winger who is again probably too g
  8. Welcome to my Scandinavian Challenge! My Aim is to win every domestic title in Finland, Iceland, Norway, Sweden and Denmark! This is me, an Unemployed Former Semi-Pro who had to cut his career short due to injury, he decided to go into coaching a quickly got his UEFA 'B' Badge and is ready to take the challenge of the Scandinavian Countries. Hope you stick around for the adventure!
  9. I'm guessing players such as Victor Moses, Alex Iwobi, Wilfried Ndidi will get CA upgrades, but I want to see some more opinions
  10. My Latest findings have given me the conclusion that the Qualification Places Page is glitches. This photo shows that Lincoln Red Imps (My Team) are in the 2nd Round Qualification Stage whilst the qualification places still say I should be in the Third Round. Just need to check that more Gibraltarian teams are in the Europa League
  11. It's Very frustrating, but I guess it's hard-coded into the game due to it being Gibraltar.
  12. That's disappointing, was looking forward to making Gibraltar more competitive in Europe...
  13. I'm managing Lincoln Red Imps in Gibraltar at the moment, and I've looked at the qualification places and found that Gibraltar were 48th now, 4 places up from where they started, however they haven't been rewarded anymore Europa League places? They started with 1 and still have this amount even those nations below have 3? Can anyone explain please?
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