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  1. I've enjoyed it so far and this last weekend from the Serbia/Switzerland game onward was excellent.
  2. DandyDon

    Podcast Recommendations

    Just started listening to one called The Film Reroll bunch of nerds turn popular movies into RPGs and try and recreate the plot as they play through them.....quick spoiler: it usually goes wrong very quickly.
  3. DandyDon

    Podcast Recommendations

    Can't believe I'd never heard of this one. Will have to give it a listen over the weekend
  4. DandyDon

    Podcast Recommendations

    Later this month the Glass Cannon guys will be releasing their second actual play podcast as well, a Sci-Fi based game this time, so even more to catch up on,
  5. DandyDon

    Podcast Recommendations

    Well at least you have 140 odd episodes to look forward to I caught up and now have to wait a whole week for new content!!!
  6. DandyDon

    Podcast Recommendations

    I've been binge listening to the Glass Cannon Podcast, they're a group of 5 friends and nerds doing a live play pod of a Pathfinder adventure. (a version of D&D for those who've never heard of Pathfinder). The guys are really funny and the pod's taken off in a big way since they started. Also the sound quality and editing is excellent (unlike a lot of other pods in a similar vein). https://glasscannonpodcast.com/
  7. Latest entry in the Xmen universe
  8. DandyDon

    The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

    Oh, that's disappointing. Sided with him on my Witcher 2 playthrough.
  9. DandyDon

    The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

    I was gifted this ages ago, before he DLC came out but the PC I had at the time just couldn't cope. Most of the menus were missing and kept crashing. Got a new PC few months ago and decided I'd actually finish Witcher 2 before diving in. The wait's been worth it really. Only Level 8 so far but loving the whole package. Who do they erase then? Just bumped into Letho from W2 and helped him slaughter oh so many people
  10. Yeah I was just thinking as to why he might not have sought any alliance with Dany, but I agree that he seems to be in bit of a rut at the moment.
  11. Hasn't Littlefinger in the show at least said everything he's done so far was done with the express purpose of seeing himself on the Iron Throne in the end (with Sansa by his side) Maybe he doesn't see any arrangement he could come to with Dany that would allow that possibility
  12. Well she was excellent in Broadchurch and it's obvious Chibnall trusts her and reckons she can pull this off. I reckon she'll be fine.
  13. DandyDon

    STEAM deals - Keep this updated

    Probably most I've bought in a Steam sale for couple years at least. Dishonored 2 XCom 2 Wasteland 2 Doom Through the Woods Beyond Eyes The Turing Test Pathfinder Adventures plus a bunch of DLC for Endless Legends, Borderlands 2 and Total War: Warhammer
  14. I've been chugging along very slowly on a Newcastle save, only about half way through second season so far. Currently bobbing up and down between 4th and 7th place in the premier league around February....things are fairly tight from 3rd down to 8th. We've got a great attacking record, but also by far the worst goals conceded in the Top 10...defenders a priority in the next summer window. Just wanted to throw in a couple of recommendations for midfield signings. Dani Ceballos from Real Betis as a playmaker. I originally tried to sign Marco Asensio from Real madrid between first and second season, had a bid accepted but then Bayern Munich matched our offer and there was no chance he'd pick us over them. Scouts then pointed out Ceballos. He's a little younger than Asensio, bags of talent (not sure he's got quite the potential of Asensio, but still plenty to spare), natural at MC or AMC, creative and hard working. Took him a while to get going but he's really starting to shine for me, cost us about £11 million in total. With Ceballos signed I then went looking for a midfield enforcer really and eventually went for Alfred Duncan at italian club Sassuolo. He's got verything I wanted, good tackling, marking, work rate, determination, fitness, stamina and strength. Also been mr Reliable for us so far, barely any injuries. Natural at Dm or MC, I play him as a ball winning midfielder but he's good as a Box to Box as well.
  15. Soler does look like a good option like Burtanza mentions. I didn't see him till well after January window closed so he haven't signed him yet, but have had scouts watching him for a while now and think I'll definitely pick him up during the summer (assuming no-one else does of course). Might be worth hanging on to Anita until you see some decent midfield options get loan listed, I sold them both in January but only as neither were willing to discuss a new contract.