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  1. The best prospect from my youth intake during the 1st season, have pretty high hopes for him if I can get the right tutor. This one was actually signed up my Head of Youth Development, but I think he could be a bargain for us in the end.
  2. Technically they're my second team being a long suffering Aberdeen supporter in fact. Well I say 'suffering'....it could be worse
  3. Cheers SR, meant to drop a note in here but got distracted watching Newcastle/Swansea on Sky
  4. Newcastle Thread - http://community.sigames.com/showthread.php/277314-FM2012-Newcastle-United-thread-Triumphing-by-brave-defending.....well-maybe! First attempt at one of these, so fingers crossed.
  5. Stupid question of my own, actually 2 stupid questions.... is there any instruction or Preferred Move training that can be given to strikers to make a run to the near post instead of constantly making for the back post or penalty spot when my wingers cross? Or is it down to their decisions and positioning attribute? (I'm having to make do with Lee Miller and the dubious talents of Darren Mackie for Aberdeen so I'm perfectly willing to accept that it's their lack of intelligence) Secondly just how do you go about training a player for a Preferred Move anyway? I can't seem to find that opti
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