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  1. I'm pretty sure we won the group, yes. So does that mean the format in real life, or within FM is the new format? Is that for every year or just for the 2022/2023 season with the Qatar WC plonked in the middle? This is my first year in Euro Cup on the new save, so I've got nothing to compare it to.
  2. Oh my god, I thought I was the only one. I was managing Fulham, got them promoted in the first season and then while in the Premier League I asked for a bigger wage budget as I had a signing I want to make and my current wage budget wasn't enough (even though I was under budget anyway) and the board basically said "we won't give you one now, but if you lower the current wage budget then we will increase it" ... so I cracked on not thinking anything of it, finished mid-table in the Prem and then was immediately sacked. It's my first save, so I reloaded back to 3 months prior (I'm on a 3 month auto save) and played through the same fixtures again while also endeavoring to lower the wage bill ... which I did. Some may call it cheating, but I was furious that the board would sack me after a mid-table Prem finish and being within the budget that THEY had set. That being said, I do actually like the format and idea of the Club Vision - it gives a longer term view on the boards hopes and aspirations for the current seasons and lets you see where you need to be aiming for.
  3. Apologies if something similar has already been posted, I did do a quick search but nothing came up ... Just wondering what everybody considers to be their biggest coup - a player who is so unrealistic for the team that you're managing that you cannot quite believe you've managed to sign them? For me, at Fulham in 2022/2023 I've managed to sign: Gianluigi Donnarumma Sandro Tonali Aaron Ramsey (free transfer, aged 32) The one that got away though, was Erling Haaland. I had a bid accepted and broke my wage structure to offer him the best I possibly could and he went to Chelsea instead.
  4. Hi, this happened to me and I was wondering what the reasoning was ... I also received a bye for the first knockout round which immediately put me into the second knockout round which was weird enough, and then the second knockout round was a one-legged tie which was, luckily for me, a home tie which I comfortably won. Not entirely sure this will happen in real life, but the board are delighted we've made it past the second knockout round, so I'm not complaining
  5. Managed to get them down to £27m and he's now coming in the summer. Interested to see what my budgets will be for the start of the fourth season, especially as I look set to break the top four this season ...
  6. Okay, so I'm just starting my third season and I've been taken over by a relatively rich new owner, and he's given me a hefty £50m transfer budget. I've already agreed to sign Ocampos from Monaco for £20m, and Zakaria Labyad for £3m (cover only), but the player I really want is James Ward Prowse, to pair up with Will Hughes in CM and move Cleverley to the bench. However, they're demanding £30m+ ... obviously I can afford it, but I don't want to spend that kind of money on him - even with the rich new owners. In my situation, what would you do?!
  7. Yeah, major pain having all that cash behind me! Haha. I don't feel I've earned it though, that's the thing. I think I finished 8th in both of my seasons. I don't mind doing well and getting large transfer budgets, but doing average and getting one doesn't seem right in the world of FM for me. But you're right, I can only deal with the transfers, players and tactics. The financial side is nothing to do with me.. I still can't justify £35m on Ward-Prowse though, can I?
  8. I started a career a while back with Newcastle, and was doing really well, then in my 3rd season we got taken over and the chairman sacked me because he wanted to put his own man in charge (Brendan Rodgers). I was absolutely furious. I'm not one to really do a "journeyman" career - I don't like moving on to a new club after being sacked from a new one - I prefer to start a new game. I was so annoyed I didn't play for a few months, and recently set up another one with Newcastle because I was really enjoying the previous one before that happened. Start of the third season and again there is takeover talks. I'm not happy, as David Moyes keeps turning up to my games, and the media are linking him with my job when the new owners take over. The new owners eventually take over, and say they're going to consider my position. I hammer Cardiff to go 3rd in the league after about 10 games, and I see "Takeover Survival" pop up in my Steam achievements - the next news item said the new chairman did want to put his own man in but due to the support for me is giving me a chance. He immediately pumped £35m into my transfer budget taking up to £50m, and another £1m or so into the wage budget, as well as ugprading my training and youth facilities. I'm not used to being such a rich team, and I really don't want it to ruin the game, so I'm trying not to be too silly with transfers. Signing Ocampos for £20m (he was already on loan and he's currently the top scorer in the Prem with 10 in 10 from the right wing), and now I want Ward-Prowse as I feel he will be the missing piece of the jigsaw and allow me to challenge for the title either this season or next, but they're asking for £35m. Obviously I can afford it but I'm not sure he's worth that much as I feel I may be able to get somebody better for cheaper - and I don't want to feel like I'm "wasting" money if you know what I mean. What would you do? Will post some screen shots later - currently at work!
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