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  1. Ok, thanks. I'm heavily gravitating towards getting the new SP and this sounds like it will do me just fine.
  2. Many thanks for that Davy, very useful info. What size of database are you running?
  3. And of course it is only dual core, been a good number of years since I was stuck with one of those It's frustrating because a number of threads have popped up about Surface Pros but they rarely credit more than 2-3 replies and certainly never expand on their capabilities. If I purchase it'll be in November so time to see what others say but on the face of it, it seems to be capable. The intention is to replace my current tablet and laptop - FM is just a part of what I need it to do and it certainly will beat my current tablet with FM touch, no question. It's a fair chunk of cash for what you get though.
  4. Thanks version I'm looking as is: Intel Core i5-7300U 3.5 GHz 8 GB RAM 256 GB SDD Intel HD Graphics 620, Windows 10 Pro Like I say, FM Touch/2D only for me. I would imagine I'm most likely to run 4-5 countries and maybe 12-15 leagues, something like that.
  5. I already have a good gaming PC and a highly capable laptop that both run FM like a charm but I want just a little bit more portability and I'm wondering if any users have some feedback using the Surface Pro 4 or the new 2017 Surface Pro? Specifically, how many leagues are you running and how many players have you got loaded? I should point out that I don't really bother with 3D graphics anymore, I'm more than happy with 2D and in all likelihood I'll probbaly stick to FM Touch (though I might venture back to the full game). Given the above, I think the SP4 or 2017 should handle FM2017 nicely but I'm keen to hear how others are getting on before I jump in and buy - I would use it for a variety of things and old-school wargames and when I'm at home I'll be mostly using Steam streaming but still need to be as well informed as I can.
  6. Lucas / Slaxi, What kind of game setups are you using on the SP4 in full fat and FMT, in particular how many players have you got loaded? How does the 3d match engine perform and what level of detail are you running?
  7. I'd like to hear from SP4 users too, I would really like one and plan to use steam streaming for some games but would be grateful if those who have used one for FM could share their experiences (also looking at i5 8gb model, might also consider the i7)
  8. Surface Pro 4 seems a near certainty, I think Anyone else running it on that device and got any feedback to share, I would love to hear it?
  9. I don't understand, what difference does your age make to playing this?
  10. I didn't think it did, it made no sense to me. I know Lucas, and I don't mind that, it will still do what I want a 'tablet' to do. I'm not particularly keen on playing with anything less than about 25k players loaded so I don't think the Pro is for me then - FM is a huge factor in what I decide to do next, if anything.
  11. I have a Sony Xperia Z3 compact tablet that I play FMT on, good fun but I find myself drifting back to PC because I just find the number of players loaded too few (even with three leagues loaded, all divisions selected). Now, a colleague at work tells me that he used to have a similar tablet to mine, but when he upgraded to an iPad Pro, the game (FMT 16 obviously) seemed to load a significantly higher number of players. Is that right - will a more powerful device automatically ramp up the database size or is he talking cobblers? I ask because my employer has just launched the annual home technology scheme and an iPad Pro is a tempting prospect and an upgrade that makes me FM play time more enjoyable would be very nice. The same scheme is offering Surface Pro 4s and if the iPad Pro doesn't offer any tangible benefit over my existing tablet I might pick that because then I can run the PC version and remove database restrictions as it seems the SP4 runs FMT very nicely.
  12. Well, yes, what Dagenham Dave posted is fine, I have no issue with that. The problem is what I got in my game, this: http://i67.tinypic.com/1zenir.jpg Dominant win for them and the Celtic board were ok with Rodgers staying on as manager, No way.
  13. Interesting, thanks. Perhaps a little stronger than they ought to be there but nothing silly.
  14. I'm having a lot of fun with the game but there's some seriously funky stuff going on in the Scottish Premiership. I started as Rangers manager but got the sack in November so scuttled off to the conference north. However, consider these events: - Partick Thistle won the league, finishing on 84 points, 12 clear of Celtic. Their manager, Alan Archibald, promptly resigned and is now at Bristol City. - Brendan Rodgers is still in his job, despite losing the league to Partick. Not just losing it but being utterly kerb-stomped. - Aberdeen sacked Derek McInnes and replaced him with Peter Houston who improved (finally finishing 5th) and won the Scottish Cup but his position is apparently now 'precarious'. - After I was booted out of Rangers, David Weir was appointed interim manager and hauled the team up to 4th in the league (from 9th - yes I know,, I am an awful manager) and reached the Scottish Cup final only for the club to announce two days before it (their biggest game of the season by far) that he was being replaced by Paul Lambert, a man universally despised by the Rangers support who predictably lost. Now, not one of the above is even remotely likely. It's fine having the occasional odd occurrence in the game bat that is all FUBAR. Now this may be a one-off in my game but I'd be interested to hear how others are finding the Scottish Prem?
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