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  1. @Rob Heckman Alright, uploaded again to the SI Cloud Service. Filename is "KevMS_KanePromiseFail.fm"
  2. For the life of me, I can't seem to get Harry Kane to consistently score goals or come close to his real life performances. Season 1 he ended 21 PL goals and 28 overall. This season he has 18 with just a couple of matches to go and 27 overall...but, I don't know, it just seems like he's not doing as well as he should be. I feel like I could easily put in a much lesser striker and get similar enough results. In fact Troy Parrott has done extremely well in his few appearances. I guess it's good that I've been spreading goals around pretty well. Kane still leads the way with 27 and Sonny has 18. Eriksen, Marcus Edwards and Dele have 10 each and there are several in the 5 to 9 range (Mbappe, Lucas, Gedson Fernandes, Myron Boadu, Parrott) Maybe the match engine is just better and making it a little more realistic and I'm used to previous versions where it was easy to get a striker of his caliber scoring 50+ a season. Mostly played him as an Advanced Forward this season, come Complete Striker too. Play a 4-1-4-1 DM Wide with Son/Mbappe as Inside Forwards (Attack) and Dele/Eriksen as Mezzala (Support) with Dier as DM (Defend). Trips/Tierney as CWB (Support) and Toby/Jan as BPD (Stopper) with Lloris as SK (Attack). EDIT: Also, has anybody else had a club come in with a silly money bid for Josh Onomah? Deadline day before the second season Brighton came in offering around £30m for him, but I'd been planning to bring him into the team this year since I was a bit light at CM after getting rid of Dembele and Wanyama, and sending Skipp and Oakley-Boothe out on loan. So I decide to ask for more figuring they'd say no...asked for £55m...they accepted. No clauses or anything like that. I think it was £20m up front and £35m in installments. Seemed a bit crazy, though I did rate the fellow. Especially considering I'd just brought in Gedson Fernandes for £50m. With all the money I'd brought in I decided to go after Mbappe in January to give me a little something more to win the league. I had previously sold Davies (£35m to United), Wanyama (£46m to PSG), Nkoudou (£12m to Koln), Janssen (£10m to Cardiff), Dembele (£30m to Lazio) in addition to getting rid of Aurier (£22m to Barca) and Sissoko (£11m to Lyon) the previous year. Only real purchases had been Tierney (£30m), Myron Boadu (£6m), Dael Fry (£10m) and Gedson Fernandes (£50m). Along with winning the CL in my first season, I'm pretty flush with cash. Got him for a stupidly high fee of £250m spread out over four years, but he's been worth it. Lost first leg of 1st Knockout Round of CL 4-1 at Valencia...second leg won 7-2 and Mbappe had 5 assists. He has 6 goals and 13 assists in 20 matches so fa for me, not too shabby.
  3. @Rob Heckman The instructions in your first post don't show up for me, says I don't have permissions. I just followed the link at the top of this forum for uploading files. The filename was "last save overwrite backup.fm" and is from before the Newcastle match. Looking back at promises, it says Kane was surprised he wasn't rested in the previous match...however the previous match was the Dortmund CL match, it was after that match that the Physio raised his concern (which is still in the inbox) and it was then that I rested him. So I don't know if perhaps it's counting the Dortmund match as part of the promise since it was the same day.
  4. No, sorry. I have one from a day or two before the match and immediately after the match.
  5. So after playing Dortmund in the CL I got a message from my Physio that Kane needed a rest. I agreed with that as he'd and went and told Harry that I planned to rest him for the next match, for which he was thankful. So next match comes around and I don't pick him for the squad at all, he also didn't play in any U23 matches or anything. After the match (against Newcastle) I'm on the home screen and notice it says I failed my promise to Kane.
  6. Tottenham Hotspur could be a fantastic option for you. They hit every one of your criteria very well. They have a pretty young first team already. Many of their best players have either not hit their peak years yet or are just reaching them. i.e. Harry Kane is only 25, Eric Dier 24 and Christian Eriksen 26. You'll have them for their best years while developing wonderkids to replace them. Players like Dele Alli, Harry Winks and Davinson Sanchez are all massive talents and only 22. They have a number of talented younger players in their reserves/academy already. Troy Parrott (16) looks like he could be a huge talent. Players like Juan Foyth, Joshua Onomah, Kyle Walker-Peters, Marcus Edwards, Tashan Oakley-Booth, Oliver Skipp, and Rodel Richards all look to have a bright future. Easily able to attract pretty much any prospect you could want. They're a very high reputation club playing in the Premier League and Champions League, have state of the art facilities and a fantastic youth setup. Financially they're very well off, and with a brand new state or the art stadium to move into (allegedly, lol) and plenty of fringe players to sell off and raise more money as needed. They also don't expect you to win things right off the bat, though it's very easy to do so. And since they're in the Premier League and should remain in the Champions League, they'll have a lot more luck holding onto their players than mos teams. The only teams that really threaten Spurs are the same teams that would cause you a problem no matter who you play. And in my experience it's usually fairly easy to convince players to stay at Spurs. Even Eriksen despite his goal of player for Barca.
  7. Playing as Spurs and I've noticed the same when putting players on individual training to boost certain attributes. For instance, a Striker with REALLY poor composure (and decisions/vision) is put on Final Third, and then complains about it when it's well below par and necessary for his role. Also, in addition to lack of Crossing training I noticed that there is no individual training for Tackling, Heading or Concentration. I mean, maybe you're supposed to use regular training for Tackling/Crossing, but then I'd think Passing would be in the same boat.
  8. Understandable, but we didn't know last year what features from the full game would be in FMT. For example, we hear about new medical center and all that for the full game...would it have killed you guys to say "Oh, and a slimmed down version will be in FMT." Otherwise we're left wondering if any of the new features will or will not be represented in FMT. I don't think OP was asking for the same level of detailed feature reveal as the full game.
  9. Well, I've been working on a similar tactic as posted in another thread (shame he gave up on it.) I had been winning but, like you, wasn't particularly pleased with the tactic. I was winning matches, scoring goals and haven't conceded... but it I just felt like the team wasn't playing as well as it should have. Even in a 2-0 win at Man City I felt like might of stolen it a bit. So with a bit of tinkering I tried this tactic out against Real Madrid (at Wembley) and ran out 4-0 winners, but more importantly we looked like the clearly better team throughout. Madrid didn't even have a shot on goal in the first half. I think the ended the game with five or so shots on goal and only one half chance. Obviously I need more games with it but I believe it's starting to come together finally. Might have to remove 'Get Stuck In' as I am fouling fairly often, but at the same time I want my players to be aggressive and win the ball back. I feel that's part of why we've not conceded yet in the first nine matches. My possession so far has been a bit ho-hum, usually around 50% split, give or take a few points.
  10. I've been running a similar tactic with Spurs, usually with Dier/Wanyama in DM-BWM instead of CM. Just beat Man City 2-0 in Manchester, so it seems to be going well. Early in the season though. I'm only three matches into the season, so it's still rather early. That's how I've been doing so far. Full disclosure, I have made Rose/Trippier/Aurier/Davies/KWP all natural at their respective WB positions and maximized tactical familiarity. This is just a test run, especially as I've never been very good a developing my own tactics from scratch. So in a regular game it might take some time for them to really get into it, and for the WBs to get comfortable. Despite doing well so far...I'm still not particularly thrilled with it. Seems like it could be better, but I haven't figured out what yet. Still tweaking. Fun Fact: As you can see from the second screenie, I got almost the exact same CL draw as IRL. Malmo is even the same team that knocked APOEL out of the CL in game.
  11. For some reason, the full game won't all me to load .tac tactics files. .fmf files will load into the game just fine, but not .tac Just to make it even more odd, one of the .tac files that won't load would load just fine during the BETA. They're all FM18 tactics.
  12. I have a question...why are some stats not shown in FMT that are in the full game? Like when you go to look at team stats for the league there are some that are missing in FMT. I know FMT is more streamlined but would those extra stats, that are still used in media reports and such, really make it less streamlined? I like being able to look at wages of the teams, or possession % or whatever. I know I can find net transfer spending on the transfer page, so that something at least.
  13. Was looking for a left winger not long ago and saw that Real Madrid had a guy named Mahatma Gandhi which gave me a chuckle. But as others have said, Fuhrer is a name you see once in awhile in German speaking nations. Just because some terrible human being once used it as a title doesn't make it 'evil' or anything. Probably been somebody with your last name that's done some bad things (obviously not to the same scale) but that doesn't have anything to do with you, does it?
  14. Odd, I thought that usually your son's second nationality would match that of the team your were managing. So in this case he should have had Canadian primary with Scottish secondary nationality. At least that is how my son worked. Then again I'd been managing Newcastle for nearly ten years when mine showed up.
  15. Playing with Portsmouth in FMC, or FMT...whatever it's called, and I was able to keep Enda Stevens at LF in the Premier League and he was still averaging around 7.5 ratings for the season. My RB I acquired in League 2 and he doesn't have great stats, especially attacking, but still gets great ratings and many assists. Stevens at least is somewhat competent ratings wise and does have some attacking stats, so I can kinda see him doing okay...though still not being one of the best in the league. My RB, whose name I can't remember right now, is pretty dreadful. Dribbling/Crossing/First Touch/Technique are all sub 10. He has decent pace and tackling/marking (about 13 for each), but really shouldn't be able to play this well at this level. Meanwhile, my DM who is very talented and plays very well and does everything I could want him to do, is having a great game if he gets a 6.8 rating.
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