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  1. Actually, how Mentality works is pretty simple. Just keep these two things in mind : - Firstly, your team Mentality determines the risk/reward ratio for every one of your players on the field, so the much risky you play (from Defensive to Attacking, dont coun't the two extremes, they are situational imho) the less rewarded you are, the more you'll miss passes, shots, dribbles. And the more offensive are the tasks of your players, then, the even more risky they play. BUT, this doesn't mean you won't BE rewarded. This heavily relies with what players you have in your team. Are they good enough ? Are they skillful ? Are they mentally solid ? Are they worldclass players ? The better the players are, the better the team is, the more risky the team Mentality can be because they will be able to cope with that. This DOESN'T mean you HAVE TO play with very high mentality if you are Barcelona, Real Madrid or Liverpool... BUT, remember, what you want to do is to match with your board objective, to be coherent with your team reputation. If you don't play risky against strong underdogs side, who set up with 5 defenders formation or with heavy-bottom 4141, you'll have difficulties to break them down. Since they willingly give you the ball, it means they assume you're the strongest side of the two, and against a very defensive side, a bus sometimes, you can't really play on too much low mentality because your player may be not risky enough in their behaviour. - Secondly, Mentality impacts your Team Instructions. Just change it level by level and see how it affects your TIs. On the ball, the more positive the mentality is, the wider, the faster, the shorter, and of course, the riskier, you play with the ball ; off the ball, the more positive the mentality is, the higher you play up the field, the more urgent your pressing is, the higher is your LOE, the more agressive your players defend... I think you have already realized that ingame, so I won't take more time on it. So if you think you struggle with the Mentality mechanics, just remember these two major points, and then, chose how you want to balanc the risk/reward ratio (with the team Mentality and ALSO with the players tasks, of course) and the Team instructions. The good thing is you can manually alter your TIs if it doesn't match with what you want. Of course, success doesn't only rely on your Team mentality/player's quality matching. You can have the world best team, playing on terrifying Attacking duty, if your roles and duties set-up is not balanced, doesn't have much sense, you'll have difficulties. This shows it always a good thing to keep some balance. Basically, Standard mentality deals with 50% risk/reward ratio, it's a bit like not chosing to put emphasis on attack or on defense, you just don't chose, you keep things opened... You can alter this in some extent, after all you have a strong team so you can take more risks some times. But you have the TIs to do that, you don't necessarily have to increase your Team mentality. Personally I never use more than Standard mentality, maybe it's a mistake, or a misunderstanding, but it's a just a personal choice. And let me say that imho I think it's a good thing to always have two different formations to play with. Because 4231 is a top-heavy formation for the best sides of the league, but sometimes when you face better sides you can chose to play a little bit more defensively, not by tweaking all of your TIs but by setting up a more solid formation - for example your 5 defenders formation. You can target the main of your opponent strenghts and chose a formation to cope with that - imagine they play with a Riquelmesque number 10, you can choose to switch from 4231 to 433 in order to neutralize him. You'll play more safely without ruining the overall game strategy. It's great you see concrete changes in game with your tweaks. FM is a never-ending journey, nobody really totally control this game - apart of the devs maybe ^^-, we always learn, game after game, save after save...
  2. By this I mean your defensive cover is minimum, so if you are high up the pitch, and lose the ball, you have the least protection required in this situation, plus you don't regroup so you're pretty exposed. But you have strong quality players, so these errors up the pitch will be rare in my opinion. I'm not really talking about your vertical compactness. But if you ask, concerning your vertical compatness, I am not a specialist but... What I think - maybe I'm wrong - is that as Chelsea, you don't really need to think about being compact because you'll have most the ball during almost every game. Think about being compact only when you play better sides. And in your case, I don't think vertical compactness is optimum in this set up since you have a wandering midfield (BBM + AM At), agressive forwards and FBs (both, even if the left one is on support duty, I guess Marcos Alonso has some agressive PPM right ?). Combined with more urgent pressing you'll often disrupt your defensive shape and eventually, not be quite compact, imho... So yes basically you have the Higher D Line which increases compactness in this particular 4231 set up, but it also leaves more space behind your defence and against fast forwards like Mané, Salah, or Son, or Aguero, etc... Maybe it's a bit risky imho. But you'll only know it by playing with this set-up. This is only theory,and as a matter of fact, you won against the Reds so go on with it and see what happens dude ! And concerning pressing and mentality, Mentality doesn't always correspond to what style you play. I mean, you can play possession with Cautious or Defensive mentality, and counter-attacking with Positive or Attacking. What I mean by that is that big sides applying pressing, even against big sides, maybe apply agressive pressing but, translating to FM language, this doesn't mean these teams play on a higher Mentality such as Positive or Attacking. Do you get what I mean ? So with Positive Mentality, which increases all of your players mentality in theory (so the risk/reward ratio is weakened, lets say 30%) and also impacts your team instructions, and with More urgent pressing : firstly, your pressing is naturally increased, and your players do it more agressively because they takes more risks in their behaviour, they tackles more so they risk to let your defence exposed if they are beaten by their opponent with the ball... secondly, you instructs them to apply even more pressing than they already do. So it's like everybody is pressing. It can work, you can choke the opponent, but it's risky. Do you want to take the risk ? Is your side strong enough ? You'll be rewarded in most case imho, but you could suffer some issues some times, defensively speaking.
  3. Looks like you've fixed it ! Bravo ! As @Experienced Defender said, be careful with having both right sided players on attack duty, it's a little bit risky. For now it works but you have a pretty agressive set up considering the Positive, the higher defensive line and pressing, the 4 attack duties and an "agressive" role such as BBM in the middle. But since it works, well, congrats !
  4. Yeah i got your point, don't worry (i'm not english native speaking either) ! But you know, it is all a matter of balance. It's a pity you don't really use your right side when attacking, because even if it covers your defence a little bit better, it does it in an "overkilling way" as some say on this forum, needlessly let's say, and of course, it weakens your offensive moves. Better sides than yours are not only better at attacking but also at defending, so if you don't involve enough lads up the field you won't be able to give em enough trouble. I think that you should first follow the advices @Experienced Defender gave you. Strenghten your right side (we are OK about this, so it's a good point to start ! ), see if it has any impact on your offensive moves against Big 4/5. Consider having a better compactness to allow less space for these opponents when you play against them, especially space in the middle since you have only two central midfielders. And also consider removing the narrow width instructions, it may be a good thing to stretch out the opposition in order to create some space, may it be against strong sides or underdogs who restrict space in defence.
  5. Very nice indeed ! I'll try with my Blackburn save.
  6. Maybe try something a bit less agressive against top teams ? You have a very good team, but not the best comparing to Liverpool City or Tottenham, since these are the games you struggle to win... You could remove the counter-press when you play against them, for example. Also, having Positive mentality + Higher LOE + More urgent pressing is maybe a little too agressive when you play against better sides, especially when you're away. Or at least you can keep these TIs but try to change your formation for something a little bit more solid, like a 433 with a DM and wingers ? Also, can you explain why you tick TIs such as "Defend Narrower" and "Fairly narrow ?" Apart from that I don't see anything wrong with your set up... only maybe you lack one or two attack duty ? Your right side is not very attacking, for example. Maybe your offensive moves are often coming from the left side so your style becomes predictable ? I dunno, just some thoughts. Maybe you should post a screen of your results so far with this set up. EDIT : Also, you say you have no specific idea for your tactic, which is maybe the main issue : if you don't know what kind of football you want to play, who will ? But even if you say so, I'm sure you have some ideas behind some of your TIs and roles choices, right ?
  7. Great, merci beaucoup @Experienced Defender ! I haven't moved on with my Blackburn save because of IRL heavy schedule but I'll definitely give your advices a try ! To sum up what have been said here by every one, I think i'm gonna go with this : DLF - A WM - S AP - S CM - A WM - A DM - D FB - A CD - D CD - D FB - S GK - D Still on Standard mentality to keep a balance. And with these TIs : Higher tempo ; Pass into spaces ; Counter ; Regroup ; Lower D-Line ; Lower LOE Considering my original project, it could be something quite simple but coherent. If this doesn't work as intended I'll try few tweaks, and if it still does'nt work, I'll go with the 4132 formation - I'm curious, never tried this one before. Any other thoughts lads ?
  8. Bonjour @Experienced Defender ! Could you explain why you would opt for a lone striker with an Attack duty over a Support duty ? Do you think he will link up with the midfielders moving further up the pitch even with an Attack duty ? Considering my striker Maguire has the "Comes deep" PPM. When you say "wide 132", you mean this formation ?
  9. Bonjour @Kaiden jeremy ! No I don't. As mentioned in the main post, I want to play counter-attacking football as I'm predicted 20th in the Premier League and will be an underdog in almost every game. I do not use the Work Ball into Box either as I'm looking for some kind of directness, fast decision football.
  10. Thanks a lot @Enzo_Francescoli ! The idea behind the IWB was to cover the space left by the right midfielder. The idea behind the Carrilero was to cover the space left on the left flank by both the left wide midfielder and the attacking fullback. As I removed the Carrilero to add an extra counter-attacking midfielder, isn't it maybe too risky to also remove the IWB ? I will try it anyway, just to see what happens. I dunno about the DLF - Attack... As I said earlier, I want to "force" the linking between him and the mids... I want to make sure he can be a bit like a target man, a hub for our counter-attacks... I fear his off the ball will be too much agressive on an attack duty, as I play with the standard mentality. I'll first try him on Support duty, and I'l see if I switch it or not according to what I see on the pitch ! Finally, thanks for your advice about the TIs, I wanted to keep things simple, but I'll try these tweaks if necessary ! I'll post the results later !
  11. Merci beaucoup @sporadicsmiles ! Thanks a lot. I love the CM - Attack, because it's a very offensive runner who can really slash the opponent, but I feared it was overly agressive, needlessly considering the "Counter" instruction and the PPMs of the player (Majer "Gets Forward Whenever Possible"). And also because as a 20th predicted team, I want to focus on maintaining my defensive shape the more I can. But I know that if I want to score I need to take a little more risk with the roles and duties... So I'll give the CM - Attack a go ! You're right about the Carrilero, it needlessly over cover. That's coherent with my main idea of maintaining a good shape when we lose the ball, but it could help adding penetration on the counter.
  12. Hello everybody, First I want to apologize, i'm French so I dont speak fluent English... My Blackburn side got promoted to Premier League and i'm predicted 20th. My first thought is I'll very often be facing better sides than mine, way much better sometimes when it comes to the Big 4/5. So I want to set up a 4141, solid at the back, capable of absorbing the pressure from the opponent, and being lethal at fast counter-attacking. I will sit deeper, with less pressing, to force the opponent to commit more players upfront, then win the ball back in my defensive third and go as fast as we can to their defensive third. That's the first point. Second thought : I don't want to alter my players individual mentality so i'll start by default, with the Standard Mentality. If I change it later, it surely will be by decreasing it - because I have a 20th predicted side, tells a lot about the quality of my team (even though I signed some decent players as Phil Jones, Lovro Majer, Jon Flanagan or Jay Da Silva). But before choosing my roles and duties I want to check my players PPM. Because i feel - imho, maybe i'm wrong - that in MF 20 PPMs have a strong influence on the players behaviour. As a matter of fact, the PPMs have the priority on the individual instructions (for example a wing who likes to cut inside WILL cut inside even if you instructs him not to and stay wide), so my third thought in this project is that I want to align players with the "good" PPMs, the ones that fit with my tactical idea (once again, to absorb pressure and fast counter-attack). As I also want to use the best players I have for my starting eleven, lets give you a quick insight of these pretenders : GK Pontus Dahlberg (Avoid using weaker foot, Make quick throws to start counter-attacks) CDs Darragh Lenihan (Dives into tackle, Likes to switch ball to other flank) Phil Jones (Dives into tackle) Christian Burgess (Tries long passes, Play out of defence) LBs Jay Da Silva (Cuts inside from both wings) Derrick Williams (Runs with ball often, Pass instead of shoot) RBs Jon Flanagan (Dives into tackle) Ryan Nyambe (Possesses long flat throws) DMs Corry Evans (Play short simple passes, Comes deep to get the ball) Lewis Travis (Tries killer balls often, Dives into tackles, Winds up opponents) CMs Lewis Holtby (Plays one-twos, Gets crowd going, Cuts inside from right wing) Lovro Majer (Runs with ball through the center, Gets forward whenever possible, Tries killer balls often, Shoots from distance, Curls ball) Bradley Dack (Shoots from distance, Places shots, Arrives late in opponent's area, Runs with ball often) WMs Elliott Bennett (Runs with ball down right wing) Adam Armstrong (Likes to try to beat the offside trap, Likes to lob the keeper, Knocks ball past opponent, Runs with ball often) Joe Rothwell (Gets forward whenever possible, Runs with ball through the center, Knocks ball past opponent, Dwells on ball, Runs with ball often) STs Sean Maguire (Runs with ball down right wing, Moves into channels, Comes deep to get ball, Knocks ball past opponent) Daniel Butterworth (None) I highlighted the traits that seems to fit with my tactical project. That is to say, forward movements with and off the ball, long range passing abilities, and the willing to play fast as soon as we get the ball back. Concerning my striker Sean Maguire, i highlighted the "Comes deep to get ball" because being the lone striker upfront, it will be a very good thing he comes deep to link with the midfielders as they move forward with and off the ball. So my first squad pick is as follow, considering players quality and PPMs (dont look a the roles and duties for the moment, i'll chose them later) : Imo, these are the players that best fit tactically, according to their PPMs. How I see things here : Dahlberg can start counter-attacks with quick throws ; Da Silva has skill to be a offensive back (he's young so i'll learn him not to cut inside as I want this wing back to provide width - Flanagan is a very defensive player with no skill to play as a offensive wing back - and i'll learn him things such as "Gets forward whenever possible) ; Lenihan can switch play with long balls even though he's not a very technically gifted player ; Holtby can combine with defenders and midfielders as he has "Play one-twos" ; Majer and Rothwell call the ball further up the field, Dack arrives late in the opponent area and Bennett runs with the ball on his wing. And as I said before, Maguire link up with them by sitting naturally deeper due to his PPM. Now, the roles, duties and TIs (no PIs for the moment). This is my first attempt - I kept it simple : The idea is : we sit deeper, wait more time than usual before starting to press the opponent. We have a DM that protect our central defence, midfielders to defend on the wings with the fullbacks. When we get the ball back we go forward linking with the DLF - S (Support because I don't want him to be too agressive in his mentality, I want him to link, with short touches, not to take the ball and go dribbling), and exploit as much as we can, exploit spaces left by our opponent. Our DM is a kind of long-range passer who can provide good pass for midfielders who quickly go upfront with the wider players (WMs and left FB - A). The IWB - D comes to take the place of the Mezzala who leaves it empty, and the Carrilero cover the left flank which is very unprotected when we have the ball - but the "Arrives late in opponent's area" PPM of Dack will makes him goes forward sometimes to help finish offensivement movements. When we lose the ball we regroup. As I said it's a simple first attempt. Not tested yet. Any thoughts on it ? EDIT : I may consider to remove "Direct passing" because I dont necessary want my players to go route one.
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