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    [Help] [FM16] 442 experiment

    Yes I have two very good wingers who can play on the right but I am planning to switch to normal 442 probably next season but for now I will keep it like this and work around what I have.
  2. Scholesinho

    [Help] [FM16] 442 experiment

    Thanks for the reply. The other thing I am thinking is changing my Cm(d) to a ball winner since I am aiming to recycle possesion asap, but will that leave the back 4 exposed?
  3. Hello everyone, this is my first post on forum aaaaand I need your help. So little background, I recently accepted job offer from LFC since they finished 7th and outside of europe comps for next season. The squad looks ok but we dont have any decent ML, AML players so what I am looking for is to play like this. 442 high block, pressing very similar to how "El Cholo" side plays. The intention is to perform high block but only thing that is bothering me is (obviously) that left flank. Thank you.