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  1. more option to raise funds (this helps mainly small teams or big in problems) - like requesting of selling stadium name (for certain time) for extra one-time income (and this can be split into stands names - if this is realistic), or to cut mainitenance cost - share your stadium with another (local) teams. And others - request to board to take actions to ioncrease average (or for match) attendances - like organizing fan days, building extra parking space..etc - or to boost merchandise sales - like mentioned organizing fan days, matches against fans (very litle chance of discovering future/current (depending on age) of player for team)...etc.
  2. make all lagueages avaivable on CD/download version - not only few packed on CD - depending on saler decisoin. This makes life harder for forgeiner in certain countries. And if this is imposible (due to adding more langueas as time progress) - then please, make new language packs dowloable directly from SI server. This saves "hunting time"for wanted language pack in net. Its only cca 750 kb!!! after all.
  3. No, but the new SFA Chief Exec wants it (and so do I) Anyways, I would like to see Scottish Highland League Italian Serie D San Marino Malta Faroe Islands </div></BLOCKQUOTE> Youn are in best position to infulence SI to add these leauges (and more).
  4. Yes, because adding more leaguses dont consume any time of coders/si - all research for legues are done by external researchers. And having many more legues are only better. Ansd many nations deserve third divs too - not only firts and second. And I agrre with previous posters - game need fisr div for every nation - and if first div of new nations will have only realistic names of teams and stadium names/capacities - Im happy. Adding realistik names/players can happen later. Anfd finaly - having all nations playable will FINALY fix inability to manage some national teams due to not enough players for national call-ups.
  5. its simple - implementing minimum stadium capacity/quality for leagues (e.q. premiership in england, liga orange 1 in france...etc) - same to cups - europech championship, uefa-cap...etc. Because lack of this sometimes really screw up game.
  6. ass man aranging friendlyies for reserve/u18 teams too, not only for senior squad. (for more match expirences/fitness not for income).
  7. bvery simple - nore space between player position - status- and name. With status I mean - light injury/yellow card/red card. For simple reason - if one (or more) of my players get yellow card and then pick up light (green) injury (or vice versa) - is displayed only one status (card). This is not ideal and sometimes lead to wrong decisions. :-(((((.
  8. new staff - media manager/pressagent (or something simmiliar) - simply person who handlle replyies to press questions (simpley way to get them riged off, instead of ignoring them)
  9. better stadium expansion with more orpions to talk with board (or make requests) like : -board, cut my wage and transfer budget to save enough money for future stadium expansion - make more pressure on local council to finaly approve building of new/expanding of old stadium -instead of expansion of e.q 3k make expansion of 10k at price of reduced wage/transfer budget --etc..etc.
  10. better wiewing of succeses of yourself/your current team/"wordwide". I mean for teams - hall of fame - in which you have writen - national league winer 10x (with cup picture), league cup winner - 8x, euro wineer 2x...etc -- and similiar to manager. I know - something simmiliar is in game, but is hidden and ugly. and hall of fame have more options - you can wiev here best eleven of all time (with stored complete players profiles, not only names), you can find here if anyone of your players won award for bes fotballer of europe/word ...etc. and "cup winners screen" - in which you can find which team won national legue/cup for europe/asie/word..etc.
  11. and another - ability to buy (lover league) clubs and become chairman/manager of buey club. This will surely bring many new interesing options to manage club. And give you option to spendf yours hard earned 10M . And one question ? When players recive bonuses for legue position/winned cup, why bonuses dont recive manager too ?
  12. ability to start "youth cups", for current non-draft players - you set lenght of cup, prize for best player, "greatness" (local,regional, natinal, cetral europe, europe-wide..etc) - for simple reason - only to find possible stars which previously are missed in young player signing at start of season.
  13. and I forget - ability to talk with player which get to many (yellow) card - I want have a chance to improve his discipline, currently system with talks/fines only for red cards is not enough.
  14. better stadium expansion - sometimes you have money for expansion (cca 5 mil in club), board say - we will expand stadium, and after two seasons - they dont expand stadium (capacity) - only build undersoil heating (for low capacity stadium which is not enoug for current club). I wand not only request stadium expansion, but more control over it (e.q. expand it by 10k seats insted aonly of 5k, build undersoil heating, retracable roof..etc - similiar when board as you recomendation for sister (feeder) club. And implemented league rules for stadiums - in current game is possible to play games on stadizum with capaciti 3,9k when real-life rules request minimal 6k stadium (and this board dont get in acount).
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