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  1. Seen a lot of chat on this - how is this any different to any other Bosman-esque free transfer. Surely none of them are officially completed until after the existing contract is up? Unless there's a lot of ******* about with pre-contracts, and the clause relates to that? Seems a touch pernickety though. I'd like another either a young ball player or a more experienced CB. I'd be interested to see if a Godin/Chiellini/Bonucci type player could be tempted to chance their arm in the Prem. Stylistically Bailley sounds similarly front-foot to Smalling, so it'd make sense to sign a partner for him.
  2. Still no word from the Club. Causing the number of twitter experts on NYSE regulations to treble over the past half hour. EDIT: Norwood's now confirmed, good enough for me. Announcement tommorow apparently.
  3. Giving debuts to 18 academy players in 3 years maybe? Playing a teenage forward in a CL final perhaps?
  4. Anyone know if Mourinho's on twitter? Could finish Pan off here I reckon.
  5. By accounts it was one of the players - not Giggs. On a completely unrelated note, interesting how it stresses that LvG's tactics affected Rooney's finishing, and that Rooney tried to convince LvG to ease off on the criticism, and that Rooney had to give the players a team talk ahead of the derby. La Liga? Think he played there early on but was reading an interview with McGuinness ahead of the cup final where he was saying that they spent an awful lot of time training him on specific centre forward play, that he was effectively delayed from moving up to the U21s to focus on it.
  6. Hope van Gaal's distaste for high expectations doesn't extend to players, otherwise he's gonna be fewmin at Martial:
  7. If you mean him not being in the squad then it's being circulated by quite a few sources including the MEN. If you mean him throwing a strop then yeah that's the usual goss atm. No TFM in the squad either.
  8. It's come out tonight that he wanted to go on loan in January to develop, but LvG blocked it as he wanted to play him. 43 minutes later, Andrinho's less than happy. Van Gaal also apparently saying that we deserve to win the Cup because we won at Derby and Shrewsbury.
  9. We've still got Mata silly - LvG's just not playing him.
  10. Is this why you think we'd struggle to counterattack post-LvG?
  11. So is LvG a factor or not? Is a quicker forward preferable or not? You seem to have gotten yourself tied up in all of 22 minutes; that's rapid even by your standards. He'll rotate the fullbacks and play his strongest side otherwise.
  12. Yes, we should not have speedy players to run in behind for thrilling counter attacks because a manager who makes us absolutely murder teams with pointless possession who might not be here next season might not utilise them correctly... sure...
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