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  1. I've installed and run a full MalwareBytes scan and removed a handful of items. Mostly .exe files in his downloads folder and a couple of registry items. He's changed the password and PIN on his account and has changed his online passwords using a different device. Oddly I couldn't find anything to with Anydesk anywhere on his laptop. It didn't show in the Add/Remove Programs tool in the Control Panel or the Apps and Features function that you access by right clicking on the start menu icon. I searched for anything called 'Anydesk' on the computer and was just directed to a web searc
  2. I've seen videos on Youtube by a guy called Kitboga. I think he streams on Twitch but also uploads highlights to Youtube. He uses voice modulation to play different characters and string people along for hours on end. Hearing the scammers get increasingly frustrated on the other end of the phone because the old lady that they have been working on all day pays the Google Play cards into 'her' own account rather than hand them over to the scammers is great.
  3. My Dad did say yesterday that they had an Indian accent and it did sound like a busy call centre with lots of noise in the background. I know from the videos I've seen on youtube that background noise can be faked. Have told him to see if he can 1471 if they try to call again. You're probably right that nobody will turn up tomorrow, it is probably some chancer living half way around the world. But I will be ready just in case. Thank you again. You're a star.
  4. I am assuming that it was just a line to try and sell the lie to my Dad but they also said that a technician would be coming to our house on Saturday to replace the router. My guess from videos I've seen on youtube are that they would ring him back today and say that too much money had been refunded and he needed to log in to his bank to confirm at which point they use HTML code to display false information and con him into paying money out. If anybody does turn up I'm answering the door armed with a camera ready to snap their face and the license plate, but I would be amazed if they
  5. Thank you very much for this. That is really helpful. I've told him not to use the laptop until I get home from work, I'll download Malwarebytes and run it to see if it picks anything up. The advice re: passwords, I have passed on to him and told him to use my laptop or PC to make those changes. Don't know if he has mobile banking on his phone but I think that I can set that up for him without much hassle.
  6. My Dad had a call from someone claiming to be from Virgin Media yesterday offerring a refund for "expired router network that is not protected". As soon as he told me about it it sounded dodgy but my alarm bells really started ringing when he revealed that he had downloaded a program called 'Anydesk' so that the 'technician' could log in to his laptop remotely. My dad has spoken to someone at Virgin this morning who have confirmed that it was in fact a scam. My concern is the Anydesk program that he has downloaded. I have told him to uninstall it ASAP but is that going to be eno
  7. +1 for Winter Soldier. I still think it's the best film Marvel have made. Seems that Ragnarok is a bit marmite. I loved how goofy it was but I get why some people would see it as OTT.
  8. Has anybody got any experience with sleep monitors? Could anyone recommend a good one to use? I woke up at 3am this morning having a full on panic attack for the first time in years. I know that this week I have been feeling pretty run down and that is partly due to my going to bed late a few times this week but I have also been more stressed at work over the last couple of weeks. I have been speaking to a friend today who has also had panic attacks in the past and she suggested that it might have been triggered by something suddenly disturbing my sleep in the night. She sugges
  9. I think it counts new game+ as a separate thing, like it does with the DLC.
  10. I did the DLC over Christmas on normal difficulty and found some of the battles to be annoying. Mainly some of the bases where the number of guys you have to fight got a bit overwhelming and the very final boss battle had the same issue imo.
  11. There are only 2 I think. 1 for completing new game+, and another for doing it on the hardest difficulty.
  12. Is there anyone online, twitter or elsewhere, who breaks down his lies in real time with actual proof? Got a friend who has started to drink the Robinson cool-aid (even calls him 'Tommy' like they are best mates) and I would like to be able to refute the statements that he is a victim of a media conspiracy and he is some kind of hero of truth that are coming at me on an almost weekly basis now.
  13. Yeah, they seem to list every single person in the world who is linked in some way to Sony and knew the game was in development. People who work for PlayStation magazine are in there. VP of Sony online because I assume someone mentioned it to him at some point. Lots of others too.
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