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  1. No one above age 28 No Neymar/Mane/Salah/FDJ/Robertson Anyone else better?
  2. great tactic! 1st Season with Liverpool won League Cup, lost in final of FA cup and won the league comfortably. 2nd Season half way through sitting on top of league again, as well as breezing through all league/fa/champions league games.
  3. gonna try out the tactic with Liverpool mate. hope it works well!!!
  4. finally after winning my 6 consecutive league title im a "Legend" at the club...
  5. http://www.filefront.com/15952299/10.3-best-far-Better--Defence-Sunderland-Mar-2014.tac/
  6. my career stats using an older version of Mr Hough tactic... the winning % and goal difference is especailly impressive!!
  7. hey guys if any of the 3 tactics from the OP is not working for you, try this... its is also from Mr Hough but is an older version. i been using it since 10.3 and are having unparalleled success. also NO tweaking is needed~ http://www.filefront.com/15952299/10.3-best-far-Better--Defence-Sunderland-Mar-2014.tac/ but Mr Hough if you are against this just tell me, i'll remove it. no problem!
  8. yup. but usually i play a target-man kind of ST for the central striker role. i tend to stick Bent on the left. but it dont really matter much as all 3 ST role should get 30+ goals per season.
  9. Mr Hough, im having another storming season using an older version of your tactic. im not trying to criticize or anything close to that but isn't it the best tactic compare to all the current version. its the version call "10.3 best far better defence" for Everton if you still remember. already secured 5 consecutive league title...
  10. @boingboing im using Zico10 corner routine. my corner takers are Bale/Srna and they only have 10/6 Assists each. wheres you can see that Darren Bent have 27 Assists! Dzeko/Rooney/Cardoza all have double figures in Assists as well. Meaning a lot of the goals scored aren't scores from set pieces and instead scores from open play. Bale Srna Dzeko Rooney Cardoza im actually not very active in the forum and im pretty surprised that you been reading posts about me using corner bug. but i hope that i have done enough to prove my innocence and the effectiveness of Mr Hough Tactic. @TONY1969 i
  11. i will post all my league standing since season 1 till now. and my current team. Season 1-3rd Season 2-1st Season 3-1st Season 4-1st My Current Team the 109pts screenshot is my current season. also i have won 2 ECC and a few more domestic cups. i can post the screenshot if you guys want too. as you can see from the screenshot all 3 strikers will score a lot of goals between them. especially Darren Bent have been fantastic in this tactic. hes playing well better than what his stats suggest. i managed to get Rooney because Man Utd was doing badly in the league as shown. i dint tweak any
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