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  1. I am playing as Karlsruhe and have gotten the team to a decent standing in Europe, we recently moved into the Stadion Karlsruhe which is a 35k (20,000 seats). As per European competition regulations this reverts to 20,000 on Champions League and Europa League nights. The club has seen an uptake in attendances and with the current trajectory we will be looking at filling capacity in the next 5-10 years (we currently have an average gate of 28,000). My questions are in relation to the growth potential for the club. As far as I am aware the board make decisions on building a new stadium based on attendance percentages but if I am only able to fill 20,000 seats for European games, will this stop me from being able to get the levels of attendances needed to get the green light for a new stadium (it will bring the average down)? My second question is in relation to the fact that we are currently renting our stadium (the move was pre- programmed into the editor, I had no say on it). I have the option to but the stadium but wondered if this would constitute getting a new stadium and whether the approximately 20 year exclusion period from getting a new stadium would apply? Thanks
  2. I know that these things need to be posted in the Bug section of the forum but just wanted to know if anyone else was getting error codes trying to access the store tonight? Has never happened to me before and wondered if the store was down. The error codes were: 1, 1000 and 1028 respectively
  3. Playing as Fulham on FMC 2015, got 15m in the bank, finished 3rd last 2 seasons in PL. When I go to Board Requests there is no expand or build a new stadium option. Does the option not appear on FMC until conditions are met or is this a bug?
  4. Finding this years version quite challenging- alternating between 4-2-3-1 and 4-5-1 on FM Touch. Qualified for the CL but finished bottom with 3 points (3 home draws against Atletico Madrid, Ajax and Juventus, had chances to win all those games as well). Current challengers are Hearts in the SPL, 8 points ahead with a game at Tynecastle to come. Away form has been dodgy so I expect to struggle. Top scorer is Leigh Griffiths with 21 goals in 30 games in all with Kris Commons weighing in with 11 in 25. Ciftci has been injured most of the season. Brought in Cummings for 500k but has been a fringe player. Best signing goes to Angel Reina on loan with 6 goals and 2 assists in 11 games. Looking forward to spending £13m transfer kitty in January
  5. This game is just far too unrealistic I mean where's the news item congratulating you on winning the 4th place trophy?
  6. Harry Kane, Ireland International eh? The crazy world of FM strikes again
  7. Bearing in mind that this is just the Beta I'll try to be kinder in my observations than if I was playing the full release. I think the motion capture is pretty good and creates some aesthetically pleasing goals, the goalkeepers dives look more realistic and I think the ball physics are the best I've seen on an FM, long raking cross field passes being a highlight. I really don't like the new tactics screen, it has less functionality than FM14 and makes the tactical options far less accessible in my opinion. I liked having the roles I was setting for the players on the formation interface, it gave a far better idea of how balanced my team was/is. I still think the ME chance conversion rate is too low, the number of sitters I have seen missed going one on one with the goalkeeper (perhaps to compensate for the sheer volume of clear chances) is unbalanced. Defending is likewise quite poor with a real hesitancy to close down even when instructed to. There's a lot of potential for the ME but I guess only time will tell whether it realises it or not. For now I am holding back on my main save until I feel that there is a greater balance to the game.
  8. Honestly speaking, I think outside of the motion capture stuff for the ME, it's quite underwhelming. Its more like a tweaked version of FM14, which was a tweaked version of FM13. Its not really packing many major new features.
  9. New Features to be streamed on Twitch at 8.40pm UK Time after the airing of the FM Documentary
  10. New Features to be streamed on Twitch at 8.40pm UK Time after the airing of the FM Documentary
  11. Before you know it you'll be toe tapping to the sounds of Glory Glory Man Utd and the classic Come On You Reds
  12. I'm doing a long term save with Wehen on FM13 and I've finally reached the point where I can ask for a new stadium as the currently expanded Brita Arena only holds 15,180. For a team going for 9 Bundesliga titles in a row and looking to retain the CL for the 3rd time in a row, 15,000 just doesnt cut it. I also have £290m in the bank for this purpose but when I asked for a new stadium it was rejected as the board felt we didnt have the fanbase. As I have mentioned the club has been hugely successful these past 10 years and our crowd average for last season was around 14.5k. I dont know what more I can do to get the board to agree to it.
  13. Celtic- the team I support in the country I was born in.
  14. In my experience even if you dont have a specific league loaded you can still get regens from that particular country every year. Obviously there wont be as many as you dont have all the teams loaded but what tends to happen is that you get regens for the most reputable teams in the country. I think theres another external factor involved because in certain nations there are more regens generated than others but if you are speaking about decent football playing countries like Belgium then you should be more than OK. Its the same thing as when you play FMC- you only have 3 nations loaded but regens generate from many different countries each year
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