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  1. toysattic

    FM19 disc version

    Thanks, think I will save the money .
  2. toysattic

    FM19 disc version

    thanks for the reply. although the game arrived today I will not get to play it until November 12th as it is a birthday gift, if it doesn't include touch I would buy that today separately and play that until I can play the full version but don't want to pay 21 quid only to realise I could of had it for free.
  3. I have purchased the disc version from amazon which arrived today, I wondered if anyone knows if purchasing this receives fm touch for free, FM 18 disc version did receive it for free and mentioned it on the back of the case. FM 19 does not have any mention of fm touch being included on the back of the case. I have tried to ask Amazon but had no reply . the amazon listing does not state if it does or not . any help appreciated
  4. Not really a big Issue in general but I have noticed especially in the last 2 versions of the game that most goals are scored in the first half of games, not just the matches that I am playing but in general. When I look at the results on a match day its not uncommon for 17 or 18 of the 20 goals in all the matches to be scored in the first half. Also if I am 4-0 up at half time no matter what I say to the team at half time it always finishes 4-0 , even if I tell the team to keep up the performance or even go more attacking nothing seems to happen. just wondered if I am the only one to have noticed this. like I said it isn't a big issue, I just find it slightly annoying as the real life ratio isn't like this.
  5. toysattic

    Must haves when playing FM

    Bacon sandwich and cans of Pepsi!
  6. toysattic

    Game just slowed down today

    At least your game is just slow, since I did a big update yesterday my games are not even launching, I have had to uninstall and re install.
  7. toysattic

    Chinese Super League

    I have played it in FM16 and 17 and will in 18 too, I enjoyed it but the 3 foreigner rule can make it a challenge and takes some getting used to. also backroom staff are generally poor and need improving which isn't easy.i have played as Shandong, Shanghai Sipg and Hebei . will probably try Beijing guoan in 18 first. overall I recommend giving it a go.
  8. Having played internationally on both versions I am really loving the touch version. Have done saves with Italy and am now 4 games into a save as Israel manager. I recommend giving it a go.
  9. toysattic

    Any Love for Serie A

    My first FM17 save was Napoli and enjoying it still, domestically great , struggling to impact in Europe. Hamsik is fantastic. will start FM18 in Italy too I expect.
  10. toysattic

    Which one should I buy? 2015-17

    of the three I preferred 2015 for sure. just seemed more responsive to tactics and better for long term saves.
  11. toysattic

    Do you record your saves?

    I record every match and starting line up etc with good old fashioned pen and paper, time consuming but its something ive done since FM07.
  12. toysattic

    new save

    another one on fm17 that has been great is Napoli . really good squad and a reasonable transfer amount plus plenty of players that can be sold for good money to re invest in the players you would like. this was with the original fm17 not the winter update. Dries Mertens is outstanding as is Hamsik. if you try a Chinese club i've tried Shandong, Shenhua and Chonquin but Shandong was by far the most enjoyable and had the greater longjevity. maybe Monaco or Dortmund if you want a decent club but a different league to what you usually do.
  13. toysattic

    new save

    any particular leagues you are interested in? have done a few in the Chinese super league that i've enjoyed more than expected I would and also enjoyed a save as Valencia in spain.
  14. toysattic

    Issues with Penalties

    not sure if its a bug but certainly a lot more penalties are saved/missed than on previous versions in my opinion.
  15. I regularly play old versions of the game and enjoy it just as much as playing the current version. got a great save on CM4 currently as Valencia . They had an amazing squad back then.