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  1. :waves: I'd be happy to make up the numbers in a game here, the OTF game has been very fun. Feel free to tell me where to stick it if you only want people who still post here though
  2. I've seen brothers of Danny Welbeck and Lauri Dalle Valle posted on here. Welbeck's brother was white. So regen brothers are definitely possible.
  3. Waaaaaaay earlier than FM08. He was being mentioned in this sort of thread around then. CM03/04, maybe. Eduardo Ratinho, anyone? Along with Rafinha (he is a good player tbf) he was one of the best young right backs in the game from about FM06-08. Doesn't even start in Brazil any more. See also: Kerlon, Lulinha. As for Supat Rugratsamee (sp), he was accidentally put into the game when Pompey signed him as a young teenager. His age was decreased by one every year rather than removing him until he was old enough.
  4. I just beat Fulham 5-0 on FM10. I was playing 4-5-1, so I was never going to get all eleven men in the team of the week, but the selection of the second striker surprised me. Apologies for the poor cropping (I cut off the end of Vargas' name). Andy Johnson didn't play in Fulham's first match of the week, and he only came off the bench in their match against us, getting a 6.8. Surely another striker did better than that?
  5. He probably has an issue in real life which means he won't be able to play in that time.
  6. Set him to go up for corners? Also, put him as a sweeper keeper (attack). The high mentality icnreases his chances of deciding to go forward.
  7. 1) They are the everything to his development when out on loan as you no longer control the shape of his attributes. 2) At 16, I'd keep him in the youth side unless he's outstanding. I find the loan statuses can be misleading though, so it may be worth loaning him out anyway.
  8. Lower their mentality if you want them helping the full back, increase closing down if you want them pressing.
  9. http://www.community.sigames.com/forumdisplay.php?s=&daysprune=&f=24 For future reference
  10. Not really a tactics question, but go to "[competition]", then something like overview? No.
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