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  1. The first known instance of a player getting 1000+ goals in the Premier League is Danny Roberts. The Danny Roberts Challenge is named in his honour. Veron is eligible so I encourage you to submit him. The truly stunning feats of goalscoring have been achieved by players in the Northern Irish league. Paul Wallace led the way, scoring 1,073 goals for Knockbreda. When he retired, he was replaced by Andrew Smylie, a genuinely world-class player who scored 3,145 goals. Even Smylie's staggering total isn't the best on record - that goes to Paul Spence of East Belfast.
  2. Quite probably. We suddenly have lots of competition for places. Sa and Vydra surely both have to start, so we're gonna play 4-4-2 a lot, which means Piazon is basically one of six wingers competing for two places, even ignoring Fosu, Stacey, and Semedo. If we do try the 4-2-3-1 we used in pre-season, Piazon's chances look better, but we've got a hell of a lot of central midfielders and several of them will want the AM spot. That also means Vydra on his own up front. If I were in your shoes, I'd be wanting Piazon to get a loan like Bamford and start 35+ times, not 15+. If we'd have got Brown in at the start of the window then he'd probably be looking at 30+ starts. Baker could have been very interesting. But now we've signed two central midfielders, two wingers, and two strikers, and it's hard to see how Piazon fits in with that. Racist. Zouma v Hector is the really scary comparison. Three years younger, French international, 30 appearances for Chelsea.
  3. So you've sent Reading two players on loan and neither of them are likely to play... I was annoyed when you sent us two players who were no better than what we had who just blocked the progress of our own players, but Hector and particularly Piazon are going to be really pushed for starting opportunities.S I am amazed that you signed Hector
  4. You're being linked to Michael Hector for £4m. 23 year old centre back, currently being kept out of the Reading side by Paul McShane and Anton Ferdinand. Can play right back, can play in midfield. He's strong and quick, quite good in the ground tackle, confident on the ball, and home grown, but he's never going to be a Chelsea player. His concentration is poor, he gives away silly fouls and misreads passes, as well as sometimes overplaying things. Maybe you'll make a small profit, because £4m is good value, but I really don't understand this one. I tipped him as a future Reading first teamer when he was 17 and struggling to get in the U18 side (xsmug) but the flaws in his game mean that he's a lower PL player at best. Nowhere near as good as Adrian Mariappa. If you want a Reading centre back, you should go for Tom McIntyre.
  5. This. FM13 is technically the best game (and before it the same was true of FM10-12), but my favourite version was FM07, because the approximation of football that ME produced was very entertaining to watch and the user definitely had the upper hand in the transfer market. Additionally, I had more time to play it, and I didn't like FM08 or 09 very much so I continued to play it for two more years. I wouldn't think of playing FM11 or FM12 today.
  6. It would undermine their existing DLC model. As a result, my answer is "only if it is profitable and stable". I don't care for the current DLC and I wouldn't care for an RTE, so I'd rather SI do whatever benefits them better, because that will result in more money for the game.
  7. Are you remembering to register them?
  8. No, because it is impossible. The best you can do is set the player's CA and PA to 200, injury proneness to 1, and most of his personal attributes (professionalism, determination, ambition...) to 20. After that, you will be able to make his attributes very high, but 20 in everything is impossible. I would suggest keeping "unimportant" attributes very low- for example, tackling for a striker. Also consider sacrificing physical attribute points as these tend to have higher weightings than technical and mental attributes.
  9. I've seen it before. Someone posted Danny Welbeck's brother on here. He was white. Someone else posted Lauri Dalla Valle's brother when he was at Liverpool.
  10. Not as such. Explanation spoilered because it discusses game mechanics- highlight to read!
  11. The positional heat map is in the Analysis tab after a match has finished but before you "leave" the match. It's a really great tab. I'm not too familiar with the tactics forum these days. I'm not too keen on threads (in any forum) with too many screenshots because they take longer to load and make my threads look bad But I think it might be worth trying that forum again, that's ultimately where you'll get the best advice. Anyway, I tried that formation a couple of times, though with the AMC on an attacking duty, and my experience was similar to yours. No penetration and no real inspiration. I got 2-7-1 (2-3-2-2-1) to work semi-okay when I was dominating Peru in an old version, but my team was very good so I had an advantage, and it didn't work nearly as well as simpler formations like 4-3-3 or, erm, 3-6-1. I tried it because my only full back who could defend got injured, so I decided I may as well get my attacking full backs to forget about defending altogether. I'd never try something like that in a competitive league, or in this version. In FM07 I tried 5-5-0-0 (that's five sweepers and five defenders) just to see what would happen. It didn't work, but it was quite cool to watch.
  12. Kevin Doyle and Eddie Johnson on FM07 for Reading. Also on FM07, Didier Drogba and Andriy Shevchenko, first with Chelsea, then with Real Madrid. Since then I've mostly played with a lone striker. The exceptions were Drogba-Pandev on FM10 with Chelsea, and this year Rooney-RVP as United. To be honest, the stand out member of that partnership is Kagawa, who is my top scorer in a 4-3-1-2.
  13. Whilst that is true, the point is that the attribute labelled "jumping" in FM does not mean "how high can they jump". It's "how high can they get their head". That's why Peter Crouch has higher jumping that Patrice Evra or Noel Hunt.
  14. Neil accidentally deleted the stickies in OTF and maybe a couple more.
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