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  1. Fennekin, Mega Charizard and Mega Blaziken. Mega Charizard has Drought so the only weakness they share- water- is neutered. Then don't include any other Pokémon with weaknesses to water, rock or ground and you should be fine. Although it will be harder before Charmander and Torchic evolve.
  2. http://www.pokemonxy.com/en-us/pokemon/torchic_distribution/
  3. So we get a Torchic, a 6th gen starter and a 1st gen starter? I don't like Chespin, so it looks like half of my team is going to be Torchic, Bulbasaur and Froakie.
  4. Saw it when it was released. I really enjoyed it.
  5. That has more or less sorted it. There will still be a problem about 5% of the time (when the thread is just about to tick over) rather than about 30% of the time. Though those %s are higher if you use fewer than 100 posts per page and lower if you use more.
  6. I really liked Colleseum and XD tbf. I hope they don't make games for the Wii U, I'd end up buying one
  7. It is usually a bad guy. I think we just used this thread?
  8. Just read over all the AV stuff to see what the fuss was about, deary me Hope everything turns out alright Dave
  9. I'm hoping Bale has been told to deny he's doing it for as long as possible... I can see it working well. It's just like a JLA film but without the others. Give The Flash a mention in passing and it could be a good way of setting up a full-scale JLA film.
  10. Remember where you are lads, family forum, and SI don't really want people discussing their hard drug experiences. It's probably fine in a big thread but be careful in smaller ones. The trick is not caring. There are hundreds of thousands of women your age in this country, who cares if one of them thinks you're a fool? You can screw up with thirty girls in a row, it doesn't matter at all. The second you start caring- and you will start caring pretty quickly even if you are permanently drunk- is when it starts to get tricky.
  11. It makes sense for them to be able to reproduce sexually just in case the artificial way ever failed. I would guess if they haven't had any natural children for several hundred years, then the Kryptonians must have pretty low sex drives.
  12. The batteries in the games can be replaced. I think that resets your save data though, but so does the battery dying so I guess you don't care at that point. I never owned a Gameboy Colour (went straight from original to Advanced) but I think it just uses regular AA batteries or something?
  13. Yeah, you won't be able to complete the Pokédex on your other games unless you start again on one of them. You could, for example, choose Bulbasaur on Red, trade it to Blue (where you have chosen Squirtle) and then restart Red and choose Charmander. You'll need to make sure you trade the mid-stage evolutions (Ivysaur, Wartortle and Charmeleon) across both games. I'm surprised your save has remained to be honest, the batteries in a lot of the Gen 1+2 games are dying.
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