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  1. On 11 October 2018 the company owning CSKA-Sofia obtained the CSKA Sofia EAD company having the CSKA Sofia brand and become its official successor. For example the same thing was done to Parma (Founded 1913, not 2015). No issue here.
  2. This is not true. There is U18 Cup in real life, see: https://int.soccerway.com/national/bulgaria/u18-cup/20182019/s15802/final-stages/ The return date should be at least 10 days earlier. Logged this as TT# 190265
  3. Hi. This is a known issue and a fix is on the way. TT# 186843
  4. panev

    [Bulgaria] Data Issues

    The black one was only used in the pre-season, this is the source we used for the third kit: https://www.fccska.com/екипи-на-цска-през-2010-те We will look to increase the max. avg. attendance which is used in big matches like this. Logged this as TT# 166854 We will set Vasil Levski as temporary stadium for European Matches (18~19/20) . After that they will return back to Balgarska Armiya. Logged this as TT# 166681 We can't really know what they will do in the future, for example they can choose to improve the condition of the current stadium(or build a new one) and get a license for later stages.
  5. The game hangs when I select the "Workshop" tab. FM is already up to date (14.1.2). Windows7x64
  6. panev

    FM13: Litex Lovech Thead

    Nope, sugar daddy was removed couple of months ago. However we are still having some issues with match scheduling and we are hoping for a hotfix soon.
  7. I was playing for 4-5 seasons and after 1 season i made 1 Commercial link with club from China, but after that i decided to cancel the link and 1 season after that i tried to make another Commercial link with other club, but every time when i request a feeder club the board only gives me the option to choose between "International club or Domestic". Now i'm confused, is there only 1 possibility to make a Commercial link in one save? Or there is a bug in mine? Almost 2 or 3 season and i still can't choose commercial link :confused: Any ideas?
  8. 1. Dynamic league reputation 2. More animations 3. Better memory managament
  9. I know it from SI staff. Now the League reputation is static.
  10. Are the old editor files(from 10.1.0) compatible with the new patch?
  11. Do I need to start a new save so that the CL/LE prize money will be updated?
  12. panev

    FM2010 announcement

    Will we finally be able to set personal instructions that do not depend on player position (e.g. Long shots)? I hate when I've set a DMC with long shots 18 and he gets injured and then I forget to change that instruction and my 5 long shots replacement DMC makes a fool of himself trying long shots when he clearly sucks at them.
  13. Where is my 50%? http://img200.imageshack.us/img200/4154/capturehxy.png