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  1. panev

    [Bulgaria] (Official) Data Issues

    Thank you for your feedback. Malesh Mikrevo, Chiko Byaga, Juventus Malchika are still active and playing in 4th tier. Levski 1923 Elin Pelin & OFK Elin Pelin are currently active and playing respectively in 3rd and 4th tier. Strandzha continues to exist under a new name and still active in 4th tier. Arda 1924 is a youth team and dissolved in 2017. Already set as extinct. Thanks. I have logged this and it would be fixed in the next data update.
  2. The game hangs when I select the "Workshop" tab. FM is already up to date (14.1.2). Windows7x64
  3. panev

    FM13: Litex Lovech Thead

    Nope, sugar daddy was removed couple of months ago. However we are still having some issues with match scheduling and we are hoping for a hotfix soon.
  4. I was playing for 4-5 seasons and after 1 season i made 1 Commercial link with club from China, but after that i decided to cancel the link and 1 season after that i tried to make another Commercial link with other club, but every time when i request a feeder club the board only gives me the option to choose between "International club or Domestic". Now i'm confused, is there only 1 possibility to make a Commercial link in one save? Or there is a bug in mine? Almost 2 or 3 season and i still can't choose commercial link :confused: Any ideas?
  5. 1. Dynamic league reputation 2. More animations 3. Better memory managament
  6. I know it from SI staff. Now the League reputation is static.
  7. Are the old editor files(from 10.1.0) compatible with the new patch?
  8. Do I need to start a new save so that the CL/LE prize money will be updated?
  9. panev

    FM2010 announcement

    Will we finally be able to set personal instructions that do not depend on player position (e.g. Long shots)? I hate when I've set a DMC with long shots 18 and he gets injured and then I forget to change that instruction and my 5 long shots replacement DMC makes a fool of himself trying long shots when he clearly sucks at them.
  10. Where is my 50%? http://img200.imageshack.us/img200/4154/capturehxy.png