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  1. @LucasBR, It's official now and done for the Final Winter Update.
  2. Marquinhos arrived 4 days ago but the deal has yet to be confirmed by the club so nothing official yet. Transfer window here closes on 28 Feb.
  3. Both players are already added and will be included in the forthcoming update.
  4. This is a known issue and a fix will be deployed in one of the upcoming FM updates.
  5. Fixed. Thank you! Both will be added in the next DB update.
  6. Added. Logged. and fixed. Thanks for noticing this. He is already in the db but not extracted into the game. Fixed for the next DB update.
  7. Already known and done. Any movement of Players/Non-Players after the 4th November are not included in this BETA version. (This includes newly appointed Managers - Bruno Akrapovic (CSKA), Tunchev (Lokomotiv Plovdiv) and Slavisa Stojanovic (Levski).
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