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  1. 4457

    International Manager Editing on FM15

    I assume you've edited Michael O'Neill's entry to change his job status as well…?
  2. 4457

    World cup 2022 moved

    Moved it to China on mine, ended up playing a group stage game in Inner Mongolia in the June -8°C snow…
  3. 4457

    How can i make edited nation playable?

    From experience Crimea is hard-coded to not be playable as a national team. Clicking 'Crimea' in game should have no effect, i.e. the nation page doesn't load up, from memory. This was certainly the case on FM15.
  4. 4457

    The best unused nations of the game

    Not sure if this is still the case in FM16, but in FM15 Crimea is in the database and was definitely editable. Plus points - no dual citizenship set for it, no 'national team', no clubs qualifying for Europe.
  5. I've been successful at suggesting my own feeder club, both on FM16 and in earlier versions, so I don't think it's a bug. When you specify what type of feeder club you're looking for (before the board offer you the option of choosing your own), make sure your choice would be valid (e.g. don't select an American club for a UK work permit). I managed to get Red Star as a feeder when I asked the Newcastle board (in 2018, mind) for a work permit feeder.
  6. And Brazil (again, a regen so don't worry about his favourite club):
  7. Scotland (active player, so I've cropped out his favourite clubs):
  8. Australia (regen, so no worry about favourite clubs giving away any information):
  9. It's a world championship. Why wouldn't they want to win it? I think it's overwhelmingly a British attitude that the Club WC is a waste of time. There doesn't seem to be the same disdain for it on the Continent.
  10. Am I missing something or is searching by club no longer available when filtering players in 'all known players'? I could've sworn that in previous years you could do "club contains [field]" or something?
  11. 4457

    Custom Cup 2015 Editor Issue

    I'm presuming this is a domestic, not continental, cup. You sure you haven't selected 'Random clubs from league" by mistake?
  12. As the crow flies… Non-League (manageable): Wealdstone (Conference South, 5 mi) Football/Premier League: Brentford (Championship, 7.6 mi) Or from where I currently am exactly (for work), Arsenal (2 mi).
  13. Don't think there's any way to actually fast-track them short of them getting some international football - the rules are fairly strict IRL and getting tighter still. In game you could send them out to a feeder club to gain EU nationality but that'll still take a few years.
  14. As for the second part of the question – I believe Germany and Japan are the only countries which you can't take control of. If you're not given the option to manage any other country, the game database hasn't loaded enough players from that country. When setting up a new game, in database size, select custom and retain all players from the country you wish to manage.
  15. Right, I've edited the OFC Nations Cup in the advanced rules to give New Zealand a bye through to the semifinals (and added a couple other yearly comps to give them more fixtures to make up for it). My third place playoff works fine, except for the fact that the winners don't show up as the third place team in the competition history (or on teams' landmarks). I figure it must be something fairly obvious I'm missing, but I can't find it. Anyone know? If it helps to know, the 3PPO and final are separate stages in my file - not separate rounds in the same stage.