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  1. Hi, I've experienced some frustrating player behaviour arising from players asking to leave for various reasons. Wondered if anyone knows whether these have been addressed in FM20. They're not game breaking for me, but quite annoying. In all examples I'm playing Blackburn, in the Premier League, and we're finishing top 4 and getting Champions League football. Example 1. I've had this twice now. Long standing squad player asks to leave as they think they've 'achieved all they can here and want a new challenge'. Fair enough I think. They're getting on a bit, they are still worth m
  2. Hi. Not a huge problem for my save, but just curious as to why this is. I am playing a blackburn rovers save, and bought a right back; Djavan Anderson for about 1.5M while we were still in the championship. Got promoted and he's performed really well for me in premiership. We got into champions league last season and again this season. He was worth about 30m last year before I sold him. Mid-way through last season some chinese club came in for him and I rejected. He got unhappy saying it would be a huge pay rise for him (he was on about 80k a week with us - one of our high
  3. Pelayo Morilla from Sporting Gijon. I managed to get him for less than 200k... Only 16. I loaned Jorge from AS Monaco (although not so young, think he was 22/23). He wouldn't sign permanently for me though even though we got promoted. I also loaned James Garner from Man U. Don't think you'll be able to buy as he's wonderkid potential. And I loaned Bruno Varela from Benfica (again not so young, think he was 24) with an option to buy at 650k. He's been brilliant for me and still good in Prem. Finally I loaned Benoit Badiashile also from AS Monaco. Someone mentioned Jan V
  4. This is a good question. I am not sure I have discovered the silver bullet here. For sure they have to play 1st team regularly to consistently improve attrs and ultimately achieve potential. If they do that on loan, in my experience, they have to do it at a decent club with good facilities. They don't generally improve as well if they are slumming it down at Bury (no offense Bury fans). I had an awesome regen in an old FM14 save who I sent out on loan to Everton one year and he improved loooooads, and was a mainstay in my first team after that. If you let them earn their stripes
  5. This. I picked this guy up through my scouts and managed to get him for something ridiculous like 160k in my first season in the championship. He's fanastic and a mainstay in my premier league team now 3 seasons on. Would highly recommend him to anyone starting out in a top league or second division.
  6. Hi - You definitely don't have to use an IF to get FB to overlap. I use WB(S) + IF(A) on one side and FB(A) + W(S) on the other side and I get overlap on both. "Gets forward whenever possible" trait in your WB/FB also helps. On the IF side, my WB will automatically run into the space left by the IF and will get a pass from my midfielders. On the W side, my overlapping FB will more often than not get sent in behind by the W. I see slightly different behaviour on different flanks, but most of my delivery from wide areas comes from the overlapping FB or WB.
  7. update. waited till window was shut and offered contract for the third time. Champions Cup release clause was now at £42.5M, which is a bit more reasonable. not clear why they allowed it to be upped so much but hey ho. happier now. and so is the player
  8. ok - this is what I'm going to try. Leave until close to the transfer window ends and then agree to his demands. Then at least no-one can take him before Christmas. Just before winter transfer window, offer a new contract and see if they'll be more flexible on the release fee.
  9. This doesn't work in the latest example. I can't remove the clause because the agent locked it in the very first negotiation. I have used this tactic in other negotiations, but often it results in the agent upping the players weekly wage or his own fee.
  10. I'm fine with him moving on if Liverpool or Man City come calling. As you say, thats real life. But they need to pay up. Being restricted to a 15M release clause value doesn't seem right to me. Do we know if I up the agent fees or the player salary / bonuses that he'll allow an increase in the release fee?
  11. Ok so I have a different contract situation now. I managed to buy Wonderkid Palaya Morilla for a stupidly low amount of money whilst in the championship. He's great; can play all across the AM line, pitches in with plenty of goals and assists and is developing nicely. We got promoted to the Permiership in 2019/2020 season and he (along with a load of other players) came to me wanting a new contract. I promised them I would do it "at the end of the season". Now its the end of the season and I've managed to tie everyone else down apart from him. As soon as I enter negotiations, th
  12. Ahh thanks - hadn't clocked the exclude from negotiations bit. Thats helpful. I do keep a shortlist obvs, but primarily for building up the squad, not as a contingency for unexpected losses. Its a good idea. However the additional problem you have is one of funding. I only get 25% of transfer revenue to spend, so I often can't replace lost players cos I simply can't afford a like-for-like replacement, never mind an upgrade.
  13. Very very annoyed. I was fortunate to have 2 or 3 really good newgens last season. I don't know exactly how good since I haven't installed the editor this time (I felt it was ruining the mistique of the transfer market a little as its all too easy to just inspect potential recruits or newgens for their PA scores. I supposed I could install it to see, and then uninstall it again after...). But anyway they've been receiving bids from Celtic and Premiership clubs in both transfer windows since I got them. I have been rejecting all the time with no comeback, until yesterday when the chairman
  14. I can't. The agent re-adds it and locks it if I suggest that. Only option is to withdraw from talks.
  15. This is starting to annoy me a little bit. I'm playing as Blackburn. We're in 2019/2020 season. Last year we finished 7th. This year its January and we're top of the league. Last summer window I lost two players to premiership outfits that I would rather have kept; David Raya and Ryan Nyambe. They got unhappy mid-way through the year over wanting a new contract, so I signed them up, sadly this now included a higher division release clause despite my attempts to remove it from the contract. When bids came in I rejected them and got accused of 'blocking their dream moves'. Now if this
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