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  1. Same for me. I really enjoyed the Format!
  2. He's 33 now but whatever, welcome back, Luis Suarez!
  3. We would like to take back Skriniar to Uruguay, please
  4. This is the qualification for the 2020 tournament which has room for 24 Teams. 20 qualify in the usual qualifying round as can be seen in the tables you just posted (first 2 Teams in each of the 10 Groups). The other 4 spots are given to Teams through the Nations League Playoffs. The 16 Playoff participants are taken from the four Nations League divisions. Usually the winner of each Nations League Group would qualify unless this Team has already qualified through the usual qualification round. Then the next best placed Team in that Nations League Group follows. Got it? By the way: Uruguay squad development updated
  5. Cazares for Uruguay, please. Shocking result for Croatia against Kosovo!
  6. By the way, who is managing Uruguay and how can we get rid of him?
  7. Cardona for Uruguay, please @Weiry Do you have any idea why the players that Uruguay won recently (since June) are all not featuring yet (except Walter Gonzalez - )? I would have expected players like De Gea, Dybala and Salah to make it into the team instantly (like the new players did before). Just wondering... Still excellent game BTW!
  8. I guess we will go for Mo Salah then...
  9. oh wow, what a ride! My first trophy! Lost Players like Luis Suarez (who shot me to glory here scoring 3x in the final) and Skriniar worth more than 120M Won players like Dybala and De Gea worth more than 160M To sum it all up: So Uruguay welcomes the following players: Chumacero from Bolivia Paulo Dybala from Argentina David De Gea from Ecuador (!) Balbuena from Paraguay (hey @Weiry, are you sure I can't just take Luis Suarez back from Paraguay. I lost him to them officially earlier in the tournament ) Interesting to see how our coach switched formations in the tournament trying a 532 in the Group stages. Didn't work, really. Nearly cost us the next rounds.