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  1. Sounds terrific! Would love to join *waiting-for-signupthread*
  2. @Weiry Looking forward to your update whenever it works for you! But definitely looking forward
  3. That's right and you are in Uruguay's WC group together with Germany and Ghana. That's going to be quite a ride (and a short one for us, I am afraid). Portugal really strong, too. I love to see Hazard playing for Kosovo and Kostic for Luxembourg. @Weiry Great service, great game!
  4. Losing Dybala based on a useless draw against Ecuador.... That is, that is, Aaaaaaaargh
  5. Seems like South American teams are pretty much on the beach in June...
  6. Nilson Loyola for Uruguay, please, as we already lost two DL.
  7. Miguel Almirón for Uruguay, please. I am not convinced by my team yet. Lost the keeper, DL and DR and won moderates at best. @Weiry Would you mind posting the standings in the WQ qualifying of CONMEBOL? Many thanks! Only now realized that the UEFA Nations League is ideal for the format of our game here. Playing teams that are kind of alike in strength is perfect for balance.
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