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  1. oh wow, what a ride! My first trophy! Lost Players like Luis Suarez (who shot me to glory here scoring 3x in the final) and Skriniar worth more than 120M Won players like Dybala and De Gea worth more than 160M To sum it all up: So Uruguay welcomes the following players: Chumacero from Bolivia Paulo Dybala from Argentina David De Gea from Ecuador (!) Balbuena from Paraguay (hey @Weiry, are you sure I can't just take Luis Suarez back from Paraguay. I lost him to them officially earlier in the tournament ) Interesting to see how our coach switched formations in the tournament trying a 532 in the Group stages. Didn't work, really. Nearly cost us the next rounds.
  2. The next update should include the Copa America 2019... pretty curious...
  3. Wow, three hours to go. Will he really miss to make 6 picks?!
  4. Funny how your comments in this thread often tend to match your profile pic sorry... Croatia now more and more turned into a real power house
  5. John Brooks to Uruguay, please
  6. Leads me to the next question: Who the f*** is responsible for squad selection and how can I fire him? Pleasure He comes in handy...
  7. Milan Skriniar to Uruguay, please. Thank you.
  8. Lost Godin AND Gimenez and my Dutch-Uruguayian replacement was subbed off in the 11th (!) Minute with 1% (!!) condition left. I guess he limped onto the pitch and was taken off by barrow. @WeiryAny idea why Luis Suarez seems to be missing? Did he bite again and suffers a lifetime ban now? Injured? I hope he didn't resign from international Football...
  9. That would be excellent. Tracking the changes really adds something for me. Otherwise I totally get lost. Will be fun to track all the star players that are swapped everytime their nations draw… BTW: All market values were taken from www.transfermarkt.de .
  10. I enjoy the game a lot and so I tried to keep track of the players lost and won. URUGUAY OVERVIEW Who did we lose? I lost a total of 4 players, 3 of them regular starters. Edinson Cavani was a real blow. I wonder how he will do in Mexico now after he didn’t stay in South Korea for long. Gimenez (DC, now at Portugal) was hard, too, but he was properly replaced later. Caceres doesn’t have the biggest value but good DR are rare. Good luck in Spain. The loss of Lopez to Denmark is ok as he came from the bench anyway. Who did we take? Uruguay is of course a very strong side from the start so naturally we were able to take quite a lot of players. But who was actually good enough to be called up? In total we won 11 players and 6 of them actually made it to the Uruguay NT, at least to its bench. Son Heung-Min and Kevin Kampl joined before the WC and gathered quite a lot of Uru experience already with SHM turning out pretty strong. Kampl, I guess, benefits from the weakness of Uruguay’s CM. During the WC we snatched two first class players. De Vrij replaces Gimenez and Gareth Bale really made a difference in his first match for us. I wonder if it will be a trend that Luis Suarez doesn’t play when Bale plays – like against Saudi Arabia. Rui Patricio might turn out to be a good backup goalie and Amine Harit, well, he played once, came on as a sub and was later subbed off again (5.9). Room for improvement… So let’s see what’s next. Looking forward to the next South American matches against the big guns – although Neymar is already safe in Russia.
  11. Fast progress. Was just digesting the world cup. Uruguay welcomes Mr Shahrani!
  12. Ah, unlucky to meet Spain so early in the tournament. By the way I made a stupid mistake when I chose someone from Holland earlier. I wrote de Vrij but he wasn't an option and I meant to take van Dijk anyway. Now that you chose van Dijk I will switch to Guus Til if I may. Congrats to reaching the semi final! Good years to come for Croatia...
  13. Oh cool, that went well URUGUAY welcomes de Vrij, Harit and Ahmedov. But where is Russia's Neymar? Not good enough to feature on short notice? Vladimir got cold feet?
  14. Neymar joining my group rivals Russia just before the WC. Who are you kidding, Wladimir? Uruguay welcomes a certain G. Bale in their ranks.