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  1. Hi and thanks for the for the Quick update. Not complete yet, but after reading its on its way, im satisfied. Dont know if it is a bug or what the problem is. But on this and last updates, i struggling alot with the moral in the team. , the players have decent or low moral and its not getting better even if my team are in a winning streak. And the condition is also a big problem when all my players exept goalkeepers go down to 50-65 % after a match. Injuries come and half the team gets injured. Also have the issues with defenders make bad passes. goalkeepers make huge mistakes. the game isnt fun right now and i hope its getting better in the next update, so the game gets playable again thanks for a superb job otherwise
  2. yeah but we can still play when u do a update like this. when is the date for the new one.
  3. i have to questions 1why isnt possible to take away 14.2. a play 14.1.4? do u have a date for next update?
  4. sacked. . well . three differnt games. and the tactics i used didnt work. and si says thhey didnt change anythong....
  5. found a old game with elfsborg that i played before update. same tactic same players. going to play ten games and see if there is a difference
  6. So now misplacing a pass = big career mistake? What? I mean that a player doesnt make 1 big mistake every game. maby 5-10 in a lifetime. Now I am talking about worldclass players who really make david james misstakes over and over and over
  7. found that really hard to belive. won three season in a row. played a half season. didnt loose a game. updated. same tactic. same players. but my team start to play real bad. made mistakes all the time. i had the same problem on the first match engine. Bet its the same now. could be the 14.2 patch also. 2 things i notest also is that the players loose moral and condition. maby thats a problem, since they not play good. but the child mistakes is still there anyway
  8. goalkeepers settings are play short pass to defenders. as it was before the update. i can change to none. But i am a top team. every player in the world can do a pass. Bad players make maby 5-10 big mistakes in a career. not 1 every game. And not top players
  9. hummels and thiago silva. they run towards the forwards and just give them the ball. once a game. sometimes 2-5 per game. tried to start a new game with southampton. same there with lovren and balanta. must be a bugg. balanta is one of the best defender in the world. until the new update.
  10. RTHerringbone A lot. Have defenders who can pass the ball. Have a goalkeeper that dont give the ball to opponents.
  11. when are you guys planning on release a new update. and how do i play old updates
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