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  1. i maybe found where the problem could be. in-game editor for fm16 is no longer available in steam store as such as fm 16 itself. Could this be the reason why it is displayed as "uninitialized" instead of "football manager 2016 in-game editor" in steam purchase history? you can not buy fm16 via steam and maybe because downloadable content is not available on Steam this could be the reason of that error because it is still possible to buy it in the game directly. Could this be the reason?
  2. So what I should do with that? How to solve that? Thanks
  3. Editor is bought through the game as usual. It is the latest version of fm16 which I use fm 16.3.2
  4. hello i have one problem. I bought in-game editor in fm 2016 but purchase history shows the purchase as "unitialized". why? I am is very frustrated because even in recepit of purchase in my e-mail is stated that he bought in-game editor for "uninitialized" instead for "football manager 2016" is here the way how to solve this issue and fix it in his purchase history with the correct name as it should be? I have been advised that this issue was there even with older fm versions. It is very frustrating for me that tere is still the same bug and nothing has been done with it. If I am paying not small amount of money almost every year I'm expection product which will be on the high level of quality and not with childish bugs like this one..again and again...unsolved and unfixed. I wrote an email to support team but all solutions advised by them (uninstalling, installing again or close and open the game and use editor again or pressing f5 key) are not functional. How can I solve this. I would really like to have this bug fixed on my account. Thanks for help thx
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