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  1. Dear SI DEV team Is It gonna be big fix or tuning of Match Engine anytime Soon ??? Say After EPL Market close ???
  2. I saw you alway comment & reply about FM14 is alway so niceeeeeeeeeeeee super Nice (respect you for real expert Knowledge) So you say that we are all kind of dumb and dont know how to play correctly !!! what the point if more than half 70++% of player(customer) think that their is an issue they want to give feed back while their are so few percent of pro player like you alway say "Game is perfect you guys just dont know how to approach " for other guy if you read the forum everyday you can see & list persons who alway counter the Bad Complain About FM14 Dont Be Blind please ( we need you pro player like you to seriously help us tell SI that they should make more finish & better product ,,, we are not Tester ,,,we paid to for our good time with games not Bug tester ) With Respect
  3. WOW since i join FM board years ago i found out that some people in this board Is alway side with SI team turn blind with any bug or complain and counter the complain that try to blame the game no matter what even 1000s of people say it have an issue they say like You not know the game enough very funny i accept that they are good , look pro and have expert knowledge But every time someone complain something they show up said It's the tactic nothing wrong with ME ( weeks later SI Announced fix some ME that they said it because of tactic) if u see why my post so few because i got ban cause of this FM week ago by say bad word to developer
  4. my Feedbacks are (Definition for feedback : feedback is customer complain say something u have to read them and feel their anger and happiness of your product) and i'm not asking you overly optimistic fanboy to judge that i'm bad manager cause you have stupid tactic you dont how to play !!! i read enough of this in this thread it is your business to read it and acknowledge this feedback you guy Developer have to admit that this FM14 have a lot of problems (too much), but well good work for new ideas but worse when you product is too bad too much issues going on i pay for games because i want to be happy customer not tester for bug and issues .........!!(if some is okay but not too much like this,) Hope you are Fixing and Improving ME logic and get some bugs done sooon Cheers !! 14.2.1 resting player bug i'm not post anything cause in bug room already have it.. dont ban me again last time i misused my F word:) ( I love FM and u guy SI keep it up!! ) stop fix FM14 and go develop really good product in FM15 hahaha !!!!!!!!!!
  5. me too dude rest player problems after 14..2.1
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