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  1. And have you read my post? In my last save the sum pumped up to 60+mils in difference - 60m from Arsenal vs 125m from me. Yeah, right - they are likely to refuse an offer 3 times their transfer budget just not to sale the guy to their rival. They can buy 3 or 4 quality players with those money and try to close the gap between our teams, but no, let's just get rid of the player for half the money for the sole purpose of screwing over Juventus. Sorry, there is 0 logic here.
  2. OK, guys, I replayed the whole transfer window and sadly this seems like a bug. Chiesa gets transfer listed and the asking price is 64m, I offer it and get counter-offered for 129m. Every single day, for about a month, we have this ridiculous negotiation and every time I increase the offer until it gets to 126m...it still gets rejected. If I offer 129m, then it's ok. The moment I reject it, he gets transferred to some English team for 60 mils...
  3. Well, I'm still not quite convinced that any rivalry is worth 20m...I would understand if we offered the same price or they got him for 4-5m less but come on - 20m less when your whole transfer budget for the season is 40m?
  4. Hello there, I skipped the last two games but here I'm with FM19. Conisdering myself an FM veteran was probably my biggest mistake, because it seems that the game has its own rules about the transfers which I don't quite understand...so long story short: 1. Playing with Juventus, marking Federico Chiesa as my top transfer target in the early 2019, getting all those flattering comments during the season, watching his games etc. 2. End of the 18/19 season and just a week after that he gets transfer listed by request..Ok great! He is valued 62m, my scout says Fiorentina would want 126m and...boom in the offer the asking price is 64m! 3. I gave those 64mils immediately and guess what - they negotiated for 135m??? Then I offered 80m and still got counter offered for 135m, I offered 80m again and got counter offered....infinite loop for about 2 weeks, every single day. Finally I got bored and just rejected their offer. Well, guess what...4 days later Liverpool signed Chiesa for 60mils...?! So, am I missing something here? Do they find me as a rival and that's why they rejected my offers and sold him two times cheaper to another team or it's just some kind of bug?
  5. Just give up on that Juve style -> 3-5-2 is one of the most difficult formations to learn in real football. That's why most of the teams that use it are from Italy where the tactical education is above all technical, physical etc. abilities. This 3-5-2 is way too complicated to be successfully replicated in FM and to see the same things in the match engine as when you watch Juve on the TV. Unfortunately it's like Barcelona's style - after all these years you still cannot copy it in FM but that's the difference between games and real football.
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