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  1. Hi guys, new to this forum to get a few opinions on what I consider to be a problem. Now I know everyone wants to play the 'barca' way when they were under Guardiola, me being one of them. But I just think that it is completely impossible in this game, and I find it really frustrating! Before you ask 'Mate do you even know how that tactic works', yes I do. I have studied it for years and without being Guardiola, after watching almost every Barcelona game every season, I'm confident that I know how the tactic is used and how the players and roles work. I have all of the instructions perfect for this tactic. Short Passing, Work Ball Into The Box, Hassle Opponents etc, along with individual player instructions also. I've also tried different things like playing Wide and Narrow to see how it would fare, but still frustratingly limited. I understand that it would be completely pointless playing this game if you won every game, but that's not what I want. I understand that teams can play against Barcelona and outsmart them in some situations, be it from the counter attack or pressing high themselves. But how often under Guardiola did the team have under 60% possession? I would say next to never - even against the best sides. I know that this season Barcelona have been a lot more direct under Martino, but I'm talking more about the Guardiola style. Another thing. Barcelona are constantly playing diagonal lofted through balls to the inside forwards/full backs. You see them do it so many times in matches, they are brilliant at it. But unless I'm missing something, there is absolutely no way to recreate this in FM14? Maybe I'm just being stupid, just wanted to know what everyone thought!
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