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  1. Thanks! The team's looking pretty good but there are no scouts, physios and no assistant manager which could make things tricky. Still, I'll give it a go.
  2. Let's do this! Holidayed a season in Iceland (the reset date is still 24th November, by the way) and chose to take over Leiknir F., also known as Leiknir Faskrudsfirdi. Promoted in 2nd place in the Third Division, with average youth and training facilities, this should be fun. They were founded in 1940 and have semi professional status. Here's my profile. Two teams will be relegated, hopefully I can survive. Noticing I've got quite a few Spanish players which is quite odd, but never mind.
  3. Fifth Round - Slovenia Quarter Final - Algeria Semi Final - Poland Final - Colombia Winner - Italy Worth a try.
  4. Thanks for this! I might start a save up later tonight, after I've found a good country to choose. I did have a good save in Iceland a couple of years ago so I might try that. Ooh, that's a good idea. Will definitely do this. Thanks!
  5. Just read all of this and the fact that people can go on to 2050 is unbelievable to me. Tempted to give this a go, not entirely sure though because I tend to give up before the first January with saves.
  6. Forgot to save -_- Will start again with a new team soon
  7. Going to start this, it looks like a great challenge So, I took over Taipower, and here's the squad I've been given...
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