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  1. Had an 18 year old CD playing at RB for my opponent with long shots of "4" and finishing of "6" score a worldie from 30 yards out while being closed down by our best defender. Seeing worldies and back post headers galore...
  2. Played two matches with the new ME on "full game" rather than highlights. In short: please provide a roll-back option. I was fine with the previous release and this ME simply looks weird. I have players "tap dancing" on the ball or "skating" across the pitch with a slow dribble in possession while an opponent walks alongside them.
  3. That's a great analogy...die trying... I'm working on some other tactical approaches right now (i.e. purely reactive based on opposition analysis) but will be coming back to the Hoof soon enough. I did some analysis and experimentation with PulisBall in a 4-4-1-1 from his Stoke era in the beta (including a Delap-long thrower), so want to pick that back up at some point.
  4. Yeah....Tucking in behind the big fella and winning the second ball. Also scoring a few from the edge of the area in the half space.
  5. Having fun with Hoofball with Lens for my beta save for FM20. I brought in an old friend, Lars Veldwijk from Sparta as my TM and he has forged a tremendous partnership with his strike partner Moukandjo. With 19 goals between them in 17 games. I've experimented a lot tactically and this version seems to be much more adaptive/responsive so far to in-game adjustments. I can usually find ways during the match to exploit opposition weaknesses simply by looking at the Analysis heat map and eyeballing the match engine. This aligns nicely with the Big Sam approach to Hoof ball. The striker movement is also much better with the Target Man being less static and dropping off defensively and linking beautifully with his partner when we win the ball back and feed him. This allows me to keep my central midfielders as more of a double pivot, rather than using a BBM which would expose us more against a three-man midfield. Defensively, I'm going for the Pulis-style of trying to defend at the edge of the penalty box which seems to work better against long shots in this version which are OP (along with cross-field balls). I move my defensive line higher/lower as needed to defend this area. So far, I'm enjoying it.
  6. I have been struggling for save ideas with FM19 for months and ended up starting and stopping saves regularly. I'm currently tinkering with Blackpool now that there's been a change in ownership so will likely start the FM20 beta with them. I like the squad for League One. If I go non-league it's Chester or Bath City (hoof ball with big Brunt up front). Other ideas are Sporting Lisbon or a fallen giant from Serie B or Bundesliga 3.
  7. This is cool. I think you have it covered as a broad representation of that style of football from an instructions standpoint. I've watched a lot of Serie A since the 90's and have recently gone back to watch a lot of Italian football all the way back to Herrera's Inter and it's a fun league to watch if you're into the Dark Arts. From a formation standpoint, there was a lack of wing play for the majority of teams since the 90's with a few exceptions. Most teams were really vertical and narrow and there were a lot of 4-4-2/4-3-1-2 diamond formations around. If you look at Lazio under Eriksson as a prime example where central midfielders (even DM's) would be deployed wide in a 4-4-2 with two holding central midfielders. He'd play Veron from the left in big games (and bench Nedved) and Conceicao or Stankovic on the right. Conceicao would usually provide any width along with the occasional foray forward from the full backs. The other aspect that I think is key is the Fantasista...there's gotta be at least one role in the team with the license to create. The combination of midfield destroyers was usually complimented by someone who could unlock the defences. For every Simeone, there was a Veron or Totti or Baggio.... I may have a mess around with this on my current save.
  8. Great thread/concept @Cleon. Consider me inspired and I'm giving the no-attribute approach on my new save with Sparta Rotterdam. I'm not going in totally blind as I know the squad from a previous save I had with them a few months back, but it'll be interesting to see how I do as things evolve over a few seasons. I'll mostly be using a DoF approach to transfers but will veto any signings he tries to bring in that doesn't align with my approach, but will also do some eye-ball scouting of my own to identify targets.
  9. Bath/Brunt did really well over the first 10 games or so after gaining promotion to the National League. He wasn't as dominant at the higher level but we adapted the tactics a little more to use him as a facilitator rather than the main scorer in a 4-1-4-1 setup which worked really well. Given he has no movement or pace, we used him like a forward pivot so he could hold the ball up and have runners around him (think Viduka in his prime). His scoring dropped, but he was fundamental to the setup and we would have likely been promoted or at least made playoffs but.... I encountered was a board takeover in January and they decided they wanted someone else to manage....luckily I was offered an interview with Oxford United and got the gig. I then decided to buy Brunt and take him with me but he struggled two divisions above due to his lack of pace. It was a fun experiment, but his technical prowess didn't make up for his complete lack of movement. I did get Oxford promoted to the Championship though! We had the lowest wage budget in the division and managed to float around in mid-table for a couple of season before I got bored with the save so have parked it for now. Without further investment from the board, that's where they'll stay. I've just started a Leyton Orient save and am trying to play a bit of Bielsa-ball Leeds style (4-1-4-1), to give the hoof-ball a rest for a while.
  10. Yeah...I switched the Full Back duties to suit my players at Sparta. I don't think I used any PI's. Cafu was very attacking. Jankulovski would get forward as well, but not with the same zest. Cafu is my favourite full back of all time. He would fly forward but also track back even though he had Gattuso to cover for him. Cafu was as much of a catalyst for that team as Pirlo. His work rate was breathtaking.
  11. I had success on my first FM19 save with Sparta Rotterdam inspired by the Milan Xmas Tree. Note: I moved to a Poacher up top rather than the DLF/A in the image below and dropped the "play thru middle" instruction as ED correctly noted, it was redundant. I also went with FB's rather than WB's as they tracked back better on turnover of possession and mine are reversed compared to the Cafu/Jankulovski version based on my team's personnel. Having a good shadow striker was crucial, but it was a lot of fun. I love that version of Ancelotti's Milan and spent a lot of time in November/December watching footage from that era.
  12. Just finished our first season and we stumbled over the line to promotion via the playoffs after finishing second to moneybags Billericay who bought ever player available. We had a couple of decent cup runs as well which brought in some cash and fun games against opposition from higher leagues. We were flying high in the first half and seven points clear going into the second half of the season but teams started working us out and playing 4-1-4-1/4-3-3 systems against us and largely cut off supply to big Brunt. Getting promoted was a fantastic result, but I think we should have won the league. We had Billericay in our sights with two games to play and had to play them in our last game but we dropped a 4-3 result (after being 3-1 up) to Oxford City ending our title hopes. I rested our entire starting squad for the final game as we'd blown it and Billericay smashed us 4-1 but it saved our tired legs for the playoffs where we dispatched with Welling Utd before clinching a last minute winner from a set piece in a 2-1 result over Dulwich in the final. The big fella still finished the year with 30 goals in 45 games in all comps (24 from 36 in the league) but at one point he was scoring at better than a goal a game. His strike partner Fraser Murdoch picked up the slack and had an amazing second half of the year to finish with 20 goals from 44 games, so 50 goals from our two main strikers was an astonishing return. Brad Carr, the right winger got 13 goals and a whopping 19 assists (9 and 14 in the league) and was our player of the seasons. From a tactical perspective, the big Fella is a massive unit so presents a fine target for long balls but equally as effective were the runs of Murdoch, the PF(A) into the right inside channel. The Left WM, either fullback or the Central Midfielders would routinely launch balls into that channel for the PF to exploit the space in behind the fullback. It's that Graham Taylor "space" thing. It also reminded me of when Sven was managing England and he'd sometimes play the likes of Darius Vassell with another small fast striker during games and have them run onto long balls booted into the channels. The striker pair would start centrally and then make lightning quick diagonal runs towards each corner flag. It's the one tactical memory that sticks with me from when he managed England that I liked. Anyway....we're promoted and Hoofball did the trick! "POMO" much??
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