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  1. Hi, I have just taken over Fla and I had a 21 year old return from loan at the end of the season. He's decent enough so I intend to use him for the upcoming season so I have set his status to rotation and I'm using him. The problem is that his transfer status keeps changing to available for loan and I keep getting offers for him that I keep refusing. I have changed his status to unavailable for loan and to refuse all loan requests. As soon as i press continue on the game however he just goes back to being available for loan. I don't have a dof and the player isn't on any unwanted or development lists. Any Idea's? Cheers.
  2. Thanks for that. I had around 85 tactics saved so have now deleted most of them and back to working fine. Cheers.
  3. Have they also changed the match engine so that all the players and officials are sliding around playing "aeroplanes" or is this a bug?
  4. I have a problem with clicking on things. As soon as I hover over anything clickable the background colour dissappears. Example, the search bar is red (same colour as my team) but when I put the mouse over the search bar the red colouring dissappears. Also, if I move the mouse over the "FM" drop down menu (beside seach bar) then that background colour will change to the same colour as my search bar, same goes for the date and "continue" button. It's the same with everything clickable that has a background colour. This is a problem when the text is the same colour as what is left on screen as I cant read or see anything.
  5. I was unaware of that bug and that was the problem. Fixed now. Thanks very much.
  6. A few months on and my set of youth intakes have arrived. 6 or so signed and still not getting a game. I've even handed contracts to the useless players (greyed out ones who arrive pre-match) and as soon as they sign they are also overlooked by the next batch of greyed out players who arrive just in time for match selection then dissappear again straight after the full time whistle.
  7. It would be good to have the referee overule the linesman on offside decisions occasionaly. Imagine scoring or conceding a last minute winner only for it to be ruled out for offside only to then be overuled by the ref. Cup final stoppage time could lead to heart attacks!
  8. Hi, I am playing in the Columbian second division and after a recent injury crisis and a visit to my U20's I found out that all my players in the U20'S aren't being used. Despite having 14 players available none have ever featured for the team and we're halfway through the season. Looks like when it comes to picking the players some computer generated players are activated and my U20's manager is picking these guys instead. Previous to my U20's manager I had the Director of Youth Development in charge (which I thought might have been the problem) with ther same outcome. Anything I can do? Thanks.
  9. Simplistic or not, that worked. Feel a bit silly now but thanks very much!
  10. That's not what I wanted to hear but thanks for your answer.Cheers.
  11. It appears in the box after I type "steam" then search but again, when I try to open it absolutely nothing happens.
  12. Hi, Sorry for jumping in but I'm looking for help and this topic seems to fit. I have fm14 on my pc and my son wanted to play it on his laptop so I downloaded steam and put fm14 onto his laptop. Now however I cant play the game on my pc. When I click on steam or fm14 then click "open" nothing happens. I read the above about being signed in to more than one device so logged out of my steam account on the laptop but still cant access steam or FM on my pc. Any help appreciated. Thanks.
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