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  1. Technical Attributes (Passing, Shooting, Crossing, ?) Mental Attributes (Bravery (to try an execute a very risky pass?, Anticipation ?, ) There are so many things we don't know
  2. WIth this kind of database (120k+), and FULL details 90% as same as you, i could simulate a full season in 2 hours! So, i'm also thinking about stepping it up a bit, and play FULL details TOP10 nations leagues... Playing on i7 6700k, 16GB RAM btw. The only issue i have, is, when the game simulates matches, there is no other thing i can do with my PC (not even browsing). Do you guys think that if i upgrade to a 8 core PC would it run better ?
  3. So, no match engine updates in a winter transfers update ? Is this a first for FM ?
  4. Do you guys agree, that the winter transfer window in FM is exagerrated? As you could see, in the recent years, IRL, the winter transfer is mostly used by mediocre teams/players or leagues that have their "summer" transfer window. You can barely see teams like Barcelona, Real Madrid, Bayern, Arsenal,MU, Chelsea, etc. moving more than 1-2 players / window, whereas in FM, it's looking like Christmas (in one save, Arsenal transfered 5 players IN and about 10 out (including youth)). Could SI tone down the winter transfer window, please, for the sake of immersion ?
  5. While this is not game-breaking, it totally breaks the immersion for me. I can never judge a fullback in this game, because of these broken stats. Though, after 2 years of dissappointment in FM and checking different IRL stats, there is one thing that we may miss in the whole big picture : IRL, usually, player like Pogba tend to be overrated, even by football experts or stats sites like WhoScored, for example. Then, player position; strikers/attacking midfielders tend to always have better ratings, due to their contributions on scoring goals. This is why, in every player statistic sites, in every TOP AVR chart, you will get overwhelmed by those kind of overhyped players/positions. Meanwhile, FM, being a souless computer, doesn't gives a **** about the name/position of the player, and thus, probably, rewards other positions that IRL they get underrated, and looks out of place in FM.
  6. I've simulated a full season, playing a 100k player database, just to check this. I wasn't involved a bit in managing any team. In the TOP5 leagues worlwide, simulated in FULL details, there's at least 2 fullbacks in the TOP10 average ratings. I even had in Premier League both Arsenal full backs in the TOP 10. I didn't even checked the assists charts after i saw this.
  7. FM 2016 full-backs ruined that game for me. FM 2017... 50% as bad as 2016, but still ruins the game for me. Again, in top 10 average ratings, 3/4 are full backs.... How can such a company miss this, and not fix after 2 years it's beyond my understanding...
  8. Alexivan

    News tweaks

    Now that we have the options to filter news/social items, and have a "Minimal" "Normal" "Extended" option for each item, can we make our own custom filter, and save it for other saves?
  9. Can we also, disable any "transfer rumours", "transfer news conferences questions", and LOANS, when we hit this option ? 90% of the news/inbox are filled with the above in my first season, and i find it pretty annoying!
  10. I'm glad this exists in the game. Definetly should happen.
  11. I really think most of the "usual flamers" - if you want to call that guys that post feedback about their negative issues with the game, stopped even caring for this game after so many bad experiences with FM 13,14,15,16, like myself.
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