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  1. I got a Lewis Flenley end of 1st season. He is poacher striker 4.5* who is unbelievable!! Goals against the likes of real madrid, man utd, city in the community shield etc at the age of 16/17. On his way to greatness owen/fowler-esque and exactly what we could do with in real life!
  2. I may do, potentially looking at using a 4-3-3 next season as it has always been reliable for me in the past. Was looking at another striker or 2, a B2B midfielder and maybe another defender. I like 2 players for each position.
  3. Hello Finshed season 1, won the FA Cup and 3rd in the League so I was pretty happy. Squad start of transfer window before season 2 is Reina Areola Flanagan Coates Agger Robinson Johnson Skrtel Enrique Hendo Lucas Shelvey Kuyt Gerrard Sterling Maxi Suso Downing Suarez Regen (4.5 star potential!!) Going to get rid of the deadwood e.g. Adam, Carroll (fingers crossed), Aqua (same) and maybe a few more from the squad if i can get better replacements. Any suggestions? Hoping for a title push, need more goal as city scored about 25 more than me last season. Cheers!
  4. I'd rather this issue was recognised by SI and changed than use the editor. Would make me feel better knowing that it was a genuine 'mistake' when programming rather than 'cheating' by using the editor (all terms used loosely). I understand if hardcore FMer's might turn around and say, "Get better then!", but I notice I'm not the only one who has been miffed by this issue. Kenny Dalglish isn't a good example but if we were to have any other manager at present (young or old) and he managed to win us the League Cup and led us to a 4th place finish, the season would be considered a success and the manager would probably be backed in the summer to build the squad further for the next season considering the squad requirements for Champions League football.
  5. Sacked after last game of 1st season. Won the League Cup beating Tottenham in the Final. Brought Champions League football back to Anfield and was in with a chance of finishing 2nd until I got beat (respectfully) 2-1 last game away at Chelsea. ********. Might not play with Liverpool until an update sorts this out, kinda ruins the game for me coz I ONLY play with Liverpool =(
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