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  1. Can't wait for your screenshots. I'm in the middle of the first season with Liverpool but tactic is hit and miss so far. I play without OI's for now but probably will use yours when you provide screenshots, your results are great.
  2. V2 is a version which you can download at post #48. I think Dave used that tac in his Dortmund save along with waste time (V4 version) which is available in original post. I won Premier League in first season with Liverpool using V1 mirror version of Pure insanity. At second season I used V2 and finished third, won FA cup and lost CL quarters against Man City after I beat them in first leg at home 3-0. To be fair, in second leg game I used Waste time (V4) version from the start of the match.
  3. Dave, are you using right footed player (Reus) for AMR position all the time in V2 version? I'm playing V2 with left footed AMCL (SS role), right footed AMCR (AP role) and right footed AMR (I play IF, not W role), but can't decide yet which foot is more beneficial for those positions. By the way, your results are impressive.
  4. I just tried it against ManCity (I manage Liverpool) and won 3-2. I didn't add any instructions to players but team play solid. Next few games I had mixed results but I like playing style and decided to preserve with this tactic. I have a question: is this tactic work for you after new update?
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