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  1. Tactic screen still unfixed! Attributes still vanish like my posts in here! Still cant pick players and subs! 2 updates and no fix lol
  2. Well I tested this baby on The FM15 beta and i dosnt work I really really hope Seafire will update/make a new Commentary Pack would be awsome
  3. Why post something u never release anyways?
  4. Nik are u going to do the kit color for the new season Premier leaguer england needs a recoloring cheers
  5. Well your other tac has brought me much succes so Im downloading asap and try this baby out with tottenham Many thx S
  6. Its the Scorpio skin I link u http://sortitoutsi.net/downloads/view/12052/scorpio-club-skins#comment_178779
  7. Well I just played 5 games including friendly's and I havn't conserved a goal yet Works really well and it is really more stabil than Steaton's I will report back later on I use the Counter vers.
  8. I still can't see My staff in the board overview can it be added in the board room panel? It seems that I can't find a file like that in another skin?
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