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  1. Thats my blade's internet speed, I play football manager on Shadow (The Cloud Gaming Service). although I do believe certain major citys in UK now have VirginMedias Gig1 plan available with speeds over 1Gbps, the times we live in.
  2. Well they don't, and we could all remain calm?.. Or we could get our pitchforks?..
  3. Today's the day right, right?.. I mean it has to be... What saves are we all playing?, Me and my friend are currently playing a custom database in Oceania, we've climbed to Division 1, a league where Real Madrid were a mid-table side and have narrowly escaped relegation the last two years, and managers get served their P45 after 5 bad results. My goal was to win the league before the beta dropped, but City keep winning the league by 20+ points...
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